Bridge to Terabithia

May 1, 2009
By Anonymous

Bridge to Terabithia is an adventurous and tragic movie. In this film a boy name Jess, and a girl name Leslie become friends. Leslie is a girl who sticks more with fantasy, rather than Jess who sticks with reality. One day they came from school and raced to the end of the road. From a short distance, Leslie sees a rope, but Jess doesn't trust that rope. Leslie starts exploring, after a while she starts swinging on it. Later on, Jess is brave enough to swing the rope just to show Leslie how brave he is. After some time, Leslie starts imagining what if there is a magical kingdom where she and Jess could only go, and escape from reality and from bullies, like Janice Avery. They go to their escape land and call it . . . . .

But as they are having fun, they still have troubles going though here and there. Leslie is being laugh, just because she doesn't have a TV. Including, she doesn't hang out with her parents because they're writers and are usually always busy. In the other hand, Jess is ignored and his parents mostly don't give him much attention. Plus, his dad doesn't appreciate the way he is, which is a boy who likes to draw. I think that this is not right; he should be ashamed of himself. Like Leslie said, “you are who you are not your parents.” After a few days it starts to rain. Day after day the water rises from the creek. Until one Saturday morning, Ms. Edmunds called to invite Jess to go to the museum with her. He asked permission, from his mom who was actually half awake and said “mph.”Later on, as the perfect passes, all of a sudden Jess hears unexpected news hits him in the face, like a game of dodge ball. Now all he can do is saying No, NO, and NO, and go through the stages of fear. For example, he goes from confusion to guilt, and into the anger, until he gets to acceptance. What I like about this film is that it has captivating scenes, and effects. What I didn't like about this movie, was that some tragedy happens and that parents can sometimes be cruel. This is an amazing movie to see for all ages. I think this movie is an imaginative, and sometimes emotional, but creative. I give this film . . . . .



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