April 30, 2009
By Anonymous

The movie Hairspray is a great feel-good movie. The movie makes the viewer want to get out of his or her seat to dance and sing. Hairspray has this effect on people because of its outstanding music, choreography, and costume design. The actors and actresses chosen for the movie also have a positive effect on the viewer. The directors did an outstanding converting Hairspray to a modern movie from Broadway.

The music and choreography are important aspects of the film that make it so effective and enjoyable. Moves like the “Stricken Chicken” make the viewer want to dance. Even people who are not coordinated dancers want to dance upon viewing the movie. The dance scenes in detention and on the Corny Collins Show are especially well choreographed. The lyrics to the music tell an inspiring story about the ups and downs of life, while focusing on love and integration.

Next, the costumes and hair really took the viewer into the time period. The costumes make the viewer better able to understand the characters personalities and the time period. For example, Penny's pigtails represent her goofy attitude. Penny's outfits in the beginning of the movie are modest and simple, which shows her obedience whereas at the end of the movie she wears a tight, bright blue dress, which shows her new, wild side. Penny's dramatic clothing change reflects the change going on during the 1960's.

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