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July 23, 2009
By JusticeJohnson SILVER, Pine Junction, Colorado
JusticeJohnson SILVER, Pine Junction, Colorado
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The first thing I thought to myself after watching this movie was: "Wow, I never wanted to know this much about drugs or addiction." I also didn't know if Director Scott Kalvert ment this movie to be a Drama or a Horror film, cause as I watched Leonardo DiCaprio potray Jim Carrol so well I could feel my heart-break from just thinking of the pain Jim Carrol went through. Mark Wahlberg also did very well giving of a feeling that he was a true junkie, and Lorraine Bracco as Jim's mother. But after watching this movie, I don't think I could ever pick up the book by Jim Carrol. Watching It seems to be enough for me.

Jim Carrol (Leonardo DiCaprio) lives in Manhatten in the 60's, at his school he is a huge basketball player, but he is also looked at as a punk to the Teachers at his Catholic school. He has his best freined Bobby (Michael Imperioli) is dying from leukemia. Mickey (Mark Wahlberg) introduces him to herion at age 16 kicking open a door that seems to be let him escape the real world with nothing but good feelings, until he is seriously addicted. Jim's mother (Lorraine Bracco) kicks him out of the house, leaving him with no were to go, and with no other options left to him he gets in to prostitution, and criminal actvity. With a struggle to live, he always writes in his journal, telling us the rise and the falls of his life.

After the film was created, lawyer Jack Thompson sued for $33 million saying that the film caused a 14-year-old kid named Michael Carneal to shoot a prayer group. The lawsuit was dropped.

I gave this film a 9.5 cause the movie does give a good message, but it does it with great acting. You can never go wrong with Leonardo DiCaprio in the film, he is just an exceptional actor. It also showed people what drugs can do to you, how it messes with your life, but it showed you that if you are addicted that It's not impossible to quit. It was quite a long movie, but the plot kept you interested and It left you feeling satisfied with the ending. If you like the movie Lords of Dogtown, or Thirteen, your sure to like this.

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