My Sister's Keeper

July 11, 2009
By Amanda Evans BRONZE, Sherman Oaks, California
Amanda Evans BRONZE, Sherman Oaks, California
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'My Sister’s Keeper' tells the story of Anna Fitzgerald, an eleven year old girl who suddenly files for medical emancipation from her parents.

Anna Fitzgerald (Abigail Breslin) was specifically conceived in order to be the perfect donor for her fifteen year old, cancer-stricken sister, Kate (Sofia Vassilieva). When Kate’s disease takes a turn for the worse, it is requested that Anna donates one of her kidneys. Though Anna has been donating her body parts to her ill sister since the day she was born, she abruptly decides to seek the rights to her own body with the help of the infamous law attorney, Campbell Alexander (Alec Baldwin). This unexpected stall in the salvation of her ailing child’s life takes a crippling toll on the will of mother, Sara Fitzgerald (Cameron Diaz), and the relationship with her husband, Brian (Jason Patric).

'My Sister’s Keeper' is actually a decent movie adaptation of the novel (of the same name). It thoroughly examines and explains each character’s ambience without being too forward or using excessive time. For instance, in the introduction of the brother, Jesse Fitzgerald (Evan Ellingson), the script merely uses the setting of his dwelling to disclose his personality and behavior.

This check on explaining situations has the film avoid being choppy and discreet, characteristics many movie adaptations before it have suffered. Take the movie adaptation of 'The Secret Life of Bees.' One does not receive the opportunities to truly know the characters due to the jerky movements from plot to plot, which deprive the viewer from earnestly comprehending the film’s message.

Nevertheless, 'Keeper' does not remain completely true to the book. The ending is a complete one hundred and eighty degrees from the novel. Also, many subplots are removed due to time constraints. But despite the removal of some characters, and the exaggeration of others (such as Kate’s friend and fellow cancer patient, Taylor Ambrose, played by Thomas Dekker), 'My Sister's Keeper' is a compassionate picture on the devastation of disease, the bond in siblinghood, and the power of family.

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