The Dark Knight

July 4, 2009
By DanaMichelle GOLD, Raleigh, North Carolina
DanaMichelle GOLD, Raleigh, North Carolina
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I know I am going to get a beating for this review, but here goes. This movie was alright. I really think there was a lot of hype, great expectations, but for me, a letdown. I had expected so, so much more. I loved the first one, and I expected the second to be at least as good.

The Dark Knight had pretty good characters whose development in almost every aspect throughout the film was very good. The special effects were satisfactory as well, though some were a bit beyond belief. The sequences of action were well-done.

Now, here comes the complaints. This movie was 2 hrs. and 32 minutes, and it was filled with fight scenes which carried out too long. After the third one it became monotonous, and I was simply wishing for it to be over so I could relieve myself of the large Diet Coke I had ordered at the candy counter.

I found this movie to be incredibly boring, astoundingly long-winded, and almost wholly pointless. Now, that's not to say that I didn't enjoy it at all, but it wasn't great. Altogether, the layout of this movie leaned toward trite. Everyone enjoys a little dessert, and I got enough entree to fill me up, wishing in the end that there had been room for the "sweets".

Now that's not to say I didn't enjoy Michael Caine or Morgan Freeman. They always rise above the standard for acting. But, in my opinion, Morgan Freeman got less screen time than he deserved. He is an excellent actor, and it would have done the movie good to have more of him. Maggie Gyllenhaal disappointed me a bit, but her last scene was surprisingly good. Also, Aaron Ekhart, whom I couldn't see as a villain after No Reservations, was pretty good. Well, despite the fact that one had to absolutely suspend disbelief to follow his character's VERY rapid downfall. And Heath Ledger really did not disappoint, but this movie needed more than a good batman and a good joker. And let me say again, Heath Ledger did NOT dissapoint; he in fact had me nearly enthralled with his believability.

This movie needed a little heart, something to soften up the hardcore stuff just a bit. This film sort of stares at you with steely eyes and never gives you a breath for fresh air.

So, here is a concise review: Good action scenes, great visual effects, drawn-out and stale plot.

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