The Proposal

June 14, 2009
“The Proposal” gets 5 stars rating being the best movie in history. This is a heart warming film filled with unexpected romance, humor, a wedding and is filled with inspiration. I can honestly say that this movie is one of the best movies I have ever seen in my life.

Call me Ms. Drama but “The proposal” encourages me to one day have a wedding of myself and a real one at that. It also sent a message to my head all you need is a little time and it could grow to be something more.

“Margaret” the editor of a big magazine fired her about to be assistant editor without know that she would be deported if she did. Eventually she got called down to the company boss and was told that she was going to be deported. Until a surprise announcement was going come out of “Margaret's” mouth her executive assistant “Andrew” came in so she paused. “Andrew” didn't know what she was thinking until she said it of course me and “Andrew” are getting married. As they explained there love “Andrew' was just in complete shock right after that meeting “Andrew” splurged out I am not marring you. “Margaret” looked at “Andrew” and said yes you are if you don't those 3 years will go down the drain and I will fire you. “Andrew” still in shock and said only if after this is all over you make me editor and go to my grandma's birthday in a Alaska for the weekend. “Margaret” couldn't say a word but fine.

So that following weekend they took a bumpy flight to Alaska and right when they landed here comes the pressure of holding the secret that this sudden marriage is a sham. Eventually “Andrew” and “Margaret” came to there senses that they both really loved each other but never really had the chance to go out and say it until the ending. Well here comes the bride in a barn filled with truthfully and loving people when “Margaret” started to fill gilt in her heart for once. During the ceremony “Margaret” confesses that this whole thing is a sham and “Andrew” doesn't have to go to jail and “Margaret” still has to be forced to move out of the country as in New York of course. But of course “Andrew” grew feelings for “Margaret” and ends up chasing after her. When “Andrew” finally tells “Margaret” how he fills about her they end up getting married for real happily ever after.

Everyone who sees this movie would agree that this movie is one of the most inspiring movies in 2009. When this movie comes out on DVD I am buying it for sure.

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Jacobk said...
Oct. 27, 2009 at 3:24 pm
"Andrew did not know what she was thinking until she said it of course me and Andrew are getting married..." I disagree because its supposed to be Andrew and I are getting married. Also he did know what she was goin to say. " When Andrew finally tells Margaret how he fills about her they end up getting married and for real happily ever after" I disagree beacuse first, he tells his parents, then he goes after her. Also, htey do not end in a happily ever after because the got q... (more »)
Valkyrie_123 replied...
Apr. 18, 2010 at 12:27 pm
I know I wrote this like two days after I saw the movie so sorry if I got some things wrong.
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