The Hangover

June 13, 2009
By Luke Buchanan BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
Luke Buchanan BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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Judd Apatow did it in 2007 with Superbad, Ben Stiller followed in 2008 with Tropic Thunder, and now Todd Tyson has done it in 2009 with the Hangover. These over-the-top raunchy comedies of the past two years have been amazingly successful in the high school and college target audiences. On opening weekend, Superbad made over 33 million dollars and was ranked number one in nearly 3,000 theatres. In 2008, Tropic Thunder neared 26 million. Neither came near The Hangover, which pulled a jaw dropping 45 million dollars in its opening weekend.

The trend has been to master every drunk, crude, vulgar and obnoxious form of slapstick that has come to define American comedy. The film opens with a road trip followed by a bachelor party in Las Vegas, a night the four friends hope never to forget. Unfortunately the night quickly becomes one that they will never remember. The morning after, three remaining members of the party (Zach Galifinakis, Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms) attempt to recollect the events of the preceding night and locate their missing friend and bachelor, Doug (Justin Bartha). In a plot reminiscent of Dude Where's My Car, the day is filled with discovering the adventures of an all too wild night.

Needless to say this film is not for everyone. Some may find The Hangover offensive with its many and frequent drug, alcohol and sex jokes. On the other hand, the humor will sit well with anyone who has ever dreamed of having a headlong, crazy night in Vegas. It is a hilarious, absurdly amusing, sometimes obscene comedy you won't soon forget.

The author's comments:
I'm currently an incoming high school senior hoping to work eventually in film editing.

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This article has 2 comments.

morainj said...
on Oct. 8 2009 at 5:33 pm
Your review was very helpful for me to understand what happened in the Movie. For example, you tell me how they attempt to recollect the events of the preceding night and locate their missing friend, Doug( Justin Bartha). Also, you told me that the movie made an amazing 45 million dollars on opening weekend, which would mean the movie had to be good.

Stabby 24 said...
on Sep. 30 2009 at 4:32 pm
This movie was a funny comedy but very disrupting. The movie was about four guys and how they get drunk out of there minds, as they get a hangover. It took place in Las Vegas, on a party. In the morning they are missing there friend and they have to search for friend all over the city

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