Mean Girls

December 22, 2008
By Anonymous

December 19, 2008

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Movie Review Mean Girls

It seems that all other teenage movies seem to be dull flops in the movie industry. Mean Girls, however, is a rare exception. This teenager comedy is a fresh innovative flick that balances laughter, backstabbing, and the reality of high school.

The film is told in a first perspective from the eyes of sixteen-year old Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan). She is a “follower” through her junior year at Evanston Township High. Cady is a new student from Africa, and has been sheltered her whole life by her anthropologist parents.

Unfortunately, Cady had never prepared for high school, and she definitely wasn't ready to cross paths with the Plastics, the most popular, glamorous, and cruelest girls of the school. The leader of the pack is the gorgeous but manipulatively crafty, Regina George. Her brainless followers are Gretchen and Karen.

One day, in the busy lunch room, Cady walks by the Plastics table anxious to find somewhere to eat. Regina sees the clueless Cady as a puppet and welcomes her to sit with them during lunch. Not only does Cady get to sit with the Plastics, but she signs herself up to be part of the clique. Soon enough, Cady falls into a crazy spiral of backstabbing, gossip, chaos, and the truth of high school reality.

Mean Girls truly hits a high note. The realism is one of its strong keys in describing a teenager's life in high school. The stereotypical characters, the sticky situations, the typical high school cliques, and the setting all feel so familiar, in a cutting-edge style. This teen film is a comedy that counterbalances hilarious jokes, and strong morals and themes.

The script is witty; and brimming from the works of comedian Tina Fey, who takes comedy to a completely new page. Fey is also strong as the inspiring math teacher, Mrs. Norbury.

The actor who really steals the stage of the comedy is Rachel McAdams. Lindsay Lohan may have gotten all the credit and fame for the film, but McAdams is much better. McAdams could sell anyone as a scheming, evil, alpha queen bee. She is an aspiring actress and her hard work will pay off in the future. Lohan was solid but didn't put enough energy into her role. It seems Lohan didn't even have to put any effort, because of her huge status as a celebrity. Even supporting actresses Amanda Seyfriend and Lacey Chabert were hilarious as the ditzy Plastic followers Karen and Gretchen.

Mean Girls is very similar to other teen flicks in the Hollywood industry. The film is similar to The Heathers with the theme of social cliques and peer pressure in high school. Never Been Kissed has some familiar themes that tie in with Mean Girls.

Mean Girls gets my recommendation for teenage girls coming of age. They can relate to the film greatly because it's told through the eyes of a teenage girl struggling to fit in within the pressures of high school. The movie not only feels real, it's hilarious and packed with jokes at the perfect moments.

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=)VE-VEE=) said...
on Sep. 24 2009 at 2:01 pm

HOPEMVP said...
on Sep. 3 2009 at 7:57 am
I totally agree with this article. Its so true.

Sunshineyday said...
on Jul. 3 2009 at 3:26 pm
I really liked that movie! It was hilarious, and the reason why is Tina Fey's role, not only in acting, but writing and producing. I feel that all of the actors did a terrific job, but the magic was in the jokes.

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