I'm Not Lovin It

June 2, 2009
By Anonymous

“I’ll have a number 7, with large fries, and a medium coke. Would you like to supersize that for only 40 more cents? Sure, why not?” Before watching “Supersize Me” during my freshmen year Health class, I would have gladly replied that answer to any McDonalds employee, but then I found out “why not”. Many people told me that this movie would drastically change the way you look at fast food, but little did I know that this movie would change my whole lifestyle.
“Supersize Me” is a documentary about a young healthy man named Morgan Spurlock who wants to conduct a test on the dangers of fast food. His plan is to eat McDonalds every day of the month for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and to also supersize his meal every time he was asked by the employee. The results from this test after just a month were jaw dropping. Spurlock gained a total of 24 pounds, 13 percent body mass increase, and liver damage in just 30 days. Spurlock, who once was as fit as a horse, could now be seen barely able to walk without shortness of breath as his flat stomach was now bulking with excess fat.
The results from this movie traumatized me as I left my health class and headed towards the cafeteria for lunch. I decided to simply buy a bottle of water that day instead of my daily dose of a hamburger with cheese fries. I sat down and watched as my fellow classmates, whom also witnessed the same horror I have, devour their chilly dogs and fries as I imagined all the clogged arteries and raised blood pressure which would result from that “death on a bun” . I seemed to be the only person whom was actually affected by this documentary and struggled to find out why. I guess the main reason I was so traumatized by this film is because there is a history of obese people in my family and I did not want to follow that path towards high blood pressure, heart attacks, etc. I would love to stay fit when I grow older without the worries of health risks. Fast food once in a while can be fine, but you have to realize when you are overdoing it before it’s too late. Oh, and save that 40 cents and don’t Supersize It.

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