June 1, 2009
By tanner lux BRONZE, Stevenson, Washington
tanner lux BRONZE, Stevenson, Washington
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This hilarious movie is rated R for a reason. Will Farrell and John C. Riley both star in this masterpiece directed by Adam McKay. This movie is not meant for children. With all of the crude humor, violence, and swearing it will have you saying “Holy Santa Clause #@!$.” or “What the *)^% happened?”

Brennan Huff (Will Farrell), age 39 and Dale Doebeck (John C. Riley), age 40 both live at home and feed off of their parents. When Nancy Huff (Mary Steenburgen) and Robert Doebeck (Richard Jenkins) first meet they instantly get it on and soon enough get married.

When Dale and Brennan first meet they become mortal enemies, for a long time they have pathetic failing attempts to torture each other from rubbing testicals on drum sets “Me and your drum set are playing Moby Dick for real.” To writing I heart crystal meth on shirts. This goes on until they find a common enemy, Brennan's brother, “Eat (!?*? Derek”.

The theme of this movie can sometimes be mistaken for “Stop being a @!?*ing dinosaur and grow up”, “Hey =!*^ers!”, or “Your gonna love this neighborhood, everyone recycles”. The theme is to follow your dreams and never let kids give you “A belly full of white dog crap”.

In the end Step Brothers is an all around hilarious movie. So “Sit the @&!? down” “You jerryatric %#@&.” And watch the movie; it will have you playing Moby Dick for real.

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on Sep. 26 2009 at 9:15 pm
patrick13 BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
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You explained the movie perfectly, hahahaha i love the drum part, hahaha watched it 4 times

sprung said...
on Sep. 24 2009 at 2:10 pm
u got a good taste in movies$ nice use of bad language

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