P.S. I Love You

June 1, 2009
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Ladies, if you want a movie that will make you laugh and cry in every scene, P.S. I Love You is the movie for you. This film, starring Hillary Swank (Freedom Writers) and Gerard Butler (300), is a story of the young and newly widowed Holly, who starts receiving letters from her past husband, Gerry. These letters take you through an adventure, all set up by Gerry before his death. You see how they met and fell in love as Holly finds closure after tragedy. This tale of finding peace after losing love is sure to touch anyone's heart.
I enjoyed P.S. I Love You because it doesn't focus only on the pain of losing a loved one. It uplifts happiness after tragedy and encourages everyone to appreciate life. The acting is wonderful, and it's easy to believe the story line. You feel the pain and joy in each line. Also, a lot of this film is even laugh-out-loud funny. The combination of several emotions makes the movie extremely well played. I would recomment this movie to any girl!

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heimana said...
Oct. 15, 2009 at 8:29 pm
I agree with everything in this review. I have not seen this movie in a couple years, but reading this brought back all the memories and details from the movie. Like in the sentence, " It uplifts happiness after tragedy and encourages everyone to appreciate life." The whole time your watching it your thinking how sweet or thats so sad, so I can definitely relate to the part where you say encourages everyone to appreciate life. Also when you say, " You feel pain and joy in each l... (more »)
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