The Comebacks

May 22, 2009
By Jordan Rockower SILVER, New City, New York
Jordan Rockower SILVER, New City, New York
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This is a hilarious comedy that spoofs several inspirational sports films. A known to be loser coach tries to build a football team around inadequate college players. This team resembles the football team from the movie Remember the Titans. The team named “The Comebacks” seem like they have absolutely no chance of winning. The coach's daughter, who is raised like a son, is in love with one of the showy players named “Trotter”. He is the one player who is cocky and gets a lot of attention, even though in the locker room he plays with his toy pink ponies. Training the team is very funny because none of the players look like they have ever played football in their life. The first few games of the season, the team loses each game by a totally lop-sided score. There are only two fans in the bleachers to show their support. Eventually the team starts to pick it up and started to win games. They make a miraculous play off run and one team they play is called the Steelers. Not the NFL team, but this team is armed with weapons and literally steals items from their opposing teams. There are scenes in this movie that will probably make viewers need to pause, and perhaps go to the bathroom. If you like comedies, sports, and have a great sense of humor, this is definitely your type of film.

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