Fast & Furious

May 15, 2009
By dylan frizzi BRONZE, Shadyside, Ohio
dylan frizzi BRONZE, Shadyside, Ohio
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This movie is about real fast cars. There are hijackings, explosions, and a lot more. First they go to hijack an oil truck. They drive their trucks up to the oil truck and drop the hitch on the oil truck clamp. Letty jumped over to the oil and sprayed the clamp with dry ice. Then she smacked the clamp with a hammer. The clamp shattered it was sweet.
Next, Letty was racing her car and got in a bad wreck. As she was crawling out of her car, the man that wrecked into her driving a Grand Torino pulled a gun out and shot her. But I don't want to tell you about the movie anymore than I already have, so check this movie out it's a good one.

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bballfan22 said...
on Oct. 15 2009 at 12:46 pm
I really like this movie. This movie was good but i dont think it was as good as Fast And The Ferious 2. The movie showed more detail than some of the other Fast And Ferious. Over all it was a good movie but the very end i didnt understand though.

yoyob23 said...
on Oct. 10 2009 at 5:26 pm
I think you could have not tol so much of the movie and just maybe said some of the interestin effects it gives you or just say why the person reading should go see the movie. But dont tell one of the main pats of the movie.

P.S. it was a gas tank that they stole.

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