November 25, 2008
By Anonymous

Last weekend, I saw the movie Twilight with some friends. I have to say that I personally thought that it was pretty good. At first, I thought it was going to be really bad. I wasn't very happy with the actors they picked for the few lead roles. I had heard many comments about the movie that weren't very good.
After the first few minutes of the movie, I thought that the movie was going to be a huge disappointment. I was afraid that I would hate it and that I wouldn't love the series any more. But instead I found myself loving it by the time the movie was over. Most of the characters did a great job of playing those roles. It really gets you into the movie by the end. It wasn't as good as the book, which was amazing. I definitely think that everyone should read the book before seeing the movie. I hope that they make movies for all the books! My advice would be to go see it. It's worth it!

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