Pretty Woman

April 15, 2009
By Bekah Orendac BRONZE, Kansas City, Kansas
Bekah Orendac BRONZE, Kansas City, Kansas
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An escort and a rich man, so many things in common. Not a normal thought that most people would have, however, this is something that makes a heart flutter with love while seeing it actually happen. Vivan (Julia Roberts) and Edward played by Richard Gere cross paths in beverly Hills. Vivan is an escort just trying to get by and Edward is a big business man; total opposites. Vivan spends the night with Edward and they make a business deal to work together all week. As Vivan realizes that ‘her kind’ isn’t allowed in the better part, Edward begins to fall madly in love with her. The heartfelt romance is shared between the two of them, however; love is not an option in the game of escorts. falling in love is the easiest thing to do, but is it just as easy to make the love work when opposites attract?

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