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The Hate U Give

October 16, 2019
By tamikalavrich BRONZE, Farmington, New Hampshire
tamikalavrich BRONZE, Farmington, New Hampshire
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You ever get that feeling when you watch a movie for the first time and instantly fell in love with it? For me, that movie was The Hate U Give, because I like how it touches on nation wide problems that are still occurring to this day, which is racism. Another thing that drew me into loving this movie, even more, was how one of the main characters named Starr Carter fought and never gave up on what she believed was right or should have been done. So what Starr was fighting for was justice for her friend Khalil who was shot and killed by a cop all because he was reaching for a hairbrush in his car. With Khalil being black and the cop being white there was a big controversy throughout the whole town and eventually, this case went nationwide. 

One hour before the shooting: There was a party that Starr and a couple of her friends went to, later into that night Khalil showed up to the party. Starr and him hung out and talked about how life was. Then there were some gunshots, and as a result of that everyone left the party, they were all fearing for their safety. Khalil and Starr left the party together and went for a night drive. He then stopped the car to talk with Starr and after a while, Khalil kissed her.

25 minutes before the shooting: After the kiss, Starr and Khalil started to drive again and unfortunately he got pulled over for failing to use his directional. So he pulled over and the cop came up to him and asked him to turn down his music cause it was blaring, once he did, the officer asked him for his license and registration, also to step out of the car. 

Shooting: The officer leaves and goes back to his car to check things out, Khalil reached into his car and grabbed his hairbrush, and with the cop not knowing what he was grabbing he fired his weapon “Bang” one time “Bang” another time “Bang” one more time,  making Khalil fall to the ground. He was bleeding out, so Starr got out of the car and ran over to help him. The officer cuffed her so she couldn’t help him. He didn’t even bother to help him out he just left him there to bleed out. While waiting for the ambulance to show up Khalil did end up passing away. In the officer's defense, it was dark out so he couldn’t really see exactly what Khalil was grabbing, for all he knew it could have been a gun. But it wasn't it was just a hairbrush. Officer 115 could have helped instead of doing nothing, but he just stood around waiting for backup and an ambulance to come.

At the police station: Starr had to sit down with a couple of detectives explaining what had happened that night because she was the star witness, she told them exactly what happened.  They kept on asking questions that weren’t even relevant to what happened that night or during the shooting. The detectives were asking her if “ Khalil was into selling drugs?” or if “ he had any relation with the drug lord named King?” luckily her uncle who was a police himself came to the rescue so she wouldn’t have to keep answering questions that had nothing to do with Khalil’s death. 

Early morning of the next day: Starr was still very shaken up about what happened to one of her close friends, so shaken up that it made her sick. Going back to school was really hard for her because everyone was talking about the shooting, and how “It was Khalil’s fault, not the officers” and how “The officer was just fearing for his life” just a bunch of stuff that wasn’t true.  Then their school ended up getting out early due to the death of Khalil. One of Starr’s friends asked “Aren’t you excited that school is getting out?” she thought someone died willingly just so school could end early. 

Mid-day of the next day: Starr, Chris(which is her boyfriend), and one of her friends had to go help Starr’s step brother cause his dad beat him up due to the whole shooting incident. After they got her brother they were heading back home when a huge crowd of people came walking into the road. Starr asked one of the people walking by “What was going on?”, they said, “That the jury didn’t even indite officer 115 for his actions.” So they were heading downtown for a protest, Starr decided to go down there.

Downtown, later on, that night: After Starr, her boyfriend, brother, and one of her other friends got there, she noticed that the police were blocking off half of the road. They were telling them “To leave and disperse or they have no choice but to use force”.  Of course, no one left they ended up getting in the polices face. One of the cops was black and someone said to him “You are supposed to be on our side, not theirs”. Starr got up on top of a car to give a speech on what really happened. She told everyone that she was the witness at the shooting. After she was done giving her speech, she started to repeat this phrase “Hands up don't shoot”, “Hands up don't shoot”  sadly her speech didn’t do anything for the police. Even though no one was getting violent or doing anything. The police decided to shoot smoke bombs into the crowd. With them doing that it increased the situation more than it needed to be. Lucky, Starr and her brother got out of the situation before it got even worse. Then they were headed to their dad's grocery store.  

At the grocery store: The drug lord named King had some of his gang members catch the store on fire with them in it. Thankfully the store owner that was next door saw that the store was on fire and tried to help them, but the door was locked. Eventually, they got out and Starr’s dad and other family members showed up. Maverick Carter which was Starr’s dad got up in King’s face because of what he did to his store, and by putting his kids in danger. Then Maverick goes and reaches for his gun in the back of his pants, but it wasn’t there because his youngest son Sekani took it. Sekani starts to point the gun at King, and as a result of that, the cops have no choice but to point their guns at Sekani. The cops are pointing their guns at him his entire family is fearing for his life. Eventually, he puts the gun down and the cops end up arresting King.

Couple of months later: After the whole shooting case was officially closed things were starting to go back to normal. And with King getting arrested people don't have to worry about him and their family's lives being endangered. Even though someone died the resolution of the whole situation ended in a somewhat good way.

Ok, that was just a brief description of what happened in the movie!! Now some things that I would like to talk about. How careless some people in this world are when it comes to black people getting injured or just dealing with black people in general. And the movie showed us how some people aren’t cautious in the real world. Cause to be quite honest there is no reason to hate or be disrespect someone that isn't the same color as you. With me being mixed myself, people can make jokes and I don't mind, but everyone is different so they may or may not take offense to what you say. Some quotes that I really liked were, “What's the point in having a voice if you're gonna be silent in those moments that you shouldn't be?” and what that means to me is that if you don’t say anything that when it is needed that nothing is going change or get better. Another one is “Brave doesn't mean that you’re not scared. It means you go on even though you’re scared.” and what this one means to me is that no matter how scared you are to do something that you will keep going forward and fight thought any problems that come up. One more is “Pac said Thug Life Stood for “the hate u give little infants f***s everybody” this means that for every situation that a kid is involved that everyone has a different view of that situation, cause no one wants to hurt a little kid. Now, I hope you can find a movie that you fall in love with and find a connection.

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