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Long Shot

September 10, 2019
By Anonymous

 Long Shot is a hilarious romantic comedy that infuses elements of real politics and views of what it is like for women in politics to create a surprisingly smart film. The movie revolves around Fred Flarsky, a talented journalist that isn't afraid of saying what's on his mind due to his free-spirit attitude, but this same mindset tends to also get him into trouble. While Fred Flarksy is a poor journalist that has just recently lost his job, due to his company being sold to a much larger media conglomerate, he feels as if he doesn't know where to turn to next. Despite how he is extremely gifted when it comes to writing, the majority of his pieces have a resounding amount of profanity, and Fred has been told that he is occasionally a little too much.

Meanwhile, Charlotte Field is one of the most influential and powerful women on the entire planet as the Secretary of State for the United States of America. She's smart, sophisticated and an already experienced politician with goals of becoming the first woman president. Aided by the fact that the current president believes he is going to support her, it seems that Charlotte finally has a chance to forever change history. While Charlotte is having all of this great success, Fred is just trying to feel better about himself when his best friend takes him out to a fancy party to go see a band that they like. While there, Fred and Charlotte make eye contact, which causes both of them to remember that Charlotte used to babysit Fred when they were little, because she was his next-door neighbor. Not only was Charlotte a baby-sitter, but Fred also used to have a major crush on her, and she was someone that he used to look up to because of how she wanted to genuinely help the world. As they begin to remember their past together, Charlotte realizes that she has a need for a writer to help make her speeches funnier so she can be mored liked when she makes a run for presidency, and she discovers that Fred has a knack for making humorous pieces. Furthermore, Fred already has an idea of who Charlotte is, so she feels that he has the potential to write more emotional and meaningful speeches for her. Impulsively, Charlotte decides to hire Fred, much to the dismay of everyone else helping her with her campaign, and Charlotte's career and life are forever changed. 
 Long Shot is a romantic comedy that's clever, hilarious and just a pleasure to watch. Ferociously entertaining, the movie is a fun roller coaster that will be sure to please audiences. Not only does the movie revolve around a naturally funny character in Fred, who is just quite enjoyable to watch as a journalist that's thrown into a world that he's far from from being used to, but the film understands how to place Fred into situations where he naturally shines for being comedic. 

 Long Shot is also a cohesive story that is clearly well-written and thought through. The movie perfectly balances between creating profound messages that involve real-world politics and creating genuine humor that makes audiences break out in laughter. The beginning of the movie does a great job of jump-starting the entire adventure and introducing audiences to Fred Flarsky, including how far he is willing to go as a journalist, which includes going undercover and jumping out of a window that's several stories up. The middle of the movie focuses on highlighting the relationship between Fred and Charlotte, and as the two of them spend more time with one another, it becomes apparent that there is a clear amount of chemistry between them that is more than just a little rare to find. The enticing ending of the movie proves to be heartwarming, emotional and witty as well. At a time when Charlotte and Fred's relationship is at a turning point, the manner in which the next chapter of their lives comes is just very unexpected and so captivating that audiences are immersed into the relationship as well. Viewers begin to feel for the characters, especially Fred, and they are all so meaningful that watchers can't help but move to the edges of their seats in anticipation for what comes next for them. 

 Long Shot is a comedy, and for such, it shouldn't be that surprising that the comedic chops of the cast shine through. Seth Rogen is simply spectacular as Fred Flarsky, and he brings emotion and passion to the role. His performance is just so noteworthy as the lead character, and it is evident that he has come a long way in acting to become such a serious actor. Charlize Theron is terrific as Charlotte Field, and her on-screen chemistry with Rogen's Flarsky helps to create an amazing acting duo that allows their characters' relationship with one another to be fleshed out and come to life. While there are some other notable roles, like O'Shea Jackson Jr.'s Lance, who's the best friend of Fred, Theron's Charlotte Field and Rogen's Fred Flarsky are the true stars of the movie. 

 Long Shot is a romantic comedy that is certainly the best of its genre in 2019 thus far. The movie is equally funny and smart, which creates a striking balance that combines together to create an immensely entertaining adventure. Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie a high 81%, which is made even more impressive by the fact that it's a comedy, and it's clear why the movie received such a tremendous score. The movie has just about it all, including a superb story and majestic characters that have enough character development to become worthwhile and meaningful. Even for those that don't usually enjoy romantic comedies, this is still an absolute must-see, because its story simply deserves to be seen. 

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"Honestly, this has been like the best few weeks of my entire life. You don’t have to say it back to me. I know it’s not true for you. I saw you sing with Bruce Springsteen last year, at that benefit concert. That was probably a way better week. Just as an example." - Fred Flarsky

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