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Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

September 2, 2019
By Anonymous

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery proves to be an exhilarating adventure that is entertaining, action-packed and hilarious from start to finish with enough audacious charm to shock audiences to their very core. Acting somewhat as a spoof or satire of other spy films that existed during the 1960s and early 1970s, the movie revolves around Austin Powers, a spy from the 1960s that is very familiar with how to take down bad guys. However, Austin Powers gets frozen in time, because his arch-nemesis, Dr. Evil, gets frozen as well, and Austin feels that he needs to be there to protect the world from Dr. Evil's attempts to take over and destroy the whole world. Because of this, Austin Powers gets thawed out during the present day, or the 1990s, to help stop Dr. Evil once more. Despite how Powers knew what he was doing thirty years ago, he quickly discovers that times have drastically changed beyond his wildest dreams. Austin Powers realizes that all of the qualities that make him who he is, including his vocabulary, the way he dresses, and treatment of women are all completely out of date, meaning that he needs to change who he is fundamentally. In order to prevent Dr. Evil from rising to power, and to help adjust to a new way of life, Austin Powers receives help from a modern woman that might just be the perfect person to help him demolish Dr. Evil's villainous ways and teach Austin just how much the world has changed. 
 Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery manages to transform into a true epic that brings out the best in all of the desired qualities of the movie. There's charming comedy, hilarious gags, enjoyable silliness, and plenty of adventurous action to infuse it all together and create a crime-filled blockbuster that will captivate audiences with its uniqueness. As a cult hit, this movie is super popular all across the world, and for good reason. The movie brings together so many magical attributes to form a dazzling roller coaster that is emotionally engaging and captures the raw essence of what a spy movie should look and feel like, while also being a modern take and far from orthodox. 
 Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery greatly benefits from a star-studded cast that shines throughout and oozes with talent to create memorable and iconic characters. Mike Myers is certainly the star of the show, and he brings his unfathomable skills to the two most noteworthy characters in both Dr. Evil and Austin Powers. Because the conflict between Dr. Evil and Austin Powers is the main plot point of the story, and an intriguing one at that, the fact that he plays both sides of the same coin makes the movie that much more meaningful and substantially more interesting. Seth Green is superb as Scott Evil, and his character may be one of the most naturally funny, simply because some of the greatest scenes revolve around him. While there are plenty of other notable roles, like Robert Wagner's Number Two and Will Ferrell's Mustafa, the true heart and core of the movie is Mike Myers. 

 Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery is a true classic that fuses together witty and well-written comedy with the adventures of a spy to create a perfect blend of both worlds. Not only is this a fan-favorite comedy that is one of the best of its genre, but this is where all of the famous characters of the franchise started, which is quite intriguing to behold. Without a doubt, this is an absolute must-see that deserves to be seen. 

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"One million dollars!" - Dr. Evil

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