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X2: X-Men United

August 8, 2019
By Anonymous

X2: X-Men United is the sequel to the original X-Men movie and continues the adventures of Charles Xavier's school and team of misfits. Once again focusing on how their mutated genes make the X-Men social outcasts, which contrasts how their superpowers come across as appealing, this movie revolves around a group of mutants as they struggle with their mutations and face a new and powerful threat in Stryker. Stryker is a former Army commander, and not only does he have it out for all mutants, which is something that obviously opposes Professor Xavier's ideology, but Stryker also holds the key to Wolverine's past and has the potential to affect the X-Men's future. The threat of Stryker may prove to be the X-Men's greatest threat yet, and despite his lack of powers, he has the potential to possibly reignite the creation of a mutant registration act, which would further the tradition of mutants being social misfits. Keen on achieving his goals of the annihilation of mutants, Stryker forms and carries out an entire assault on Professor Xavier's mansion and school for mutants. After attacking the entire school, Stryker is no longer just attacking the adults and is now assaulting kids that don't even have full control of their powers yet. Therefore, it shouldn't come as that large of a surprise that the X-Men practically go to war against Stryker and form a new partnership in an unlikely source in Magneto. After Magneto escapes from his plastic cell, Magneto's proposition of a partnership for Xavier and the X-Men seems quite appealing to fight against this common enemy. Despite how some of the members of the X-Men feel that it's a bad idea, they ultimately agree to team up with Magneto and agree that the enemy of their enemy is their friend, forming an uneasy alliance that may be the only way of stopping Stryker. 

 X2: X-Men United proves to be an exhilarating adventure that continues to expand upon what life is like for the X-Men, both as superheroes and just mutants trying to fit in, and proves to be more triumphant than the original in just about every foreseeable manner. This sequel proves to be bigger, badder and superior in just about every aspect in comparison to the first. While the first movie focused on introducing characters, ideas and concepts to audiences, this story-driven plot manages to expand upon these ideas in a new and exciting manner. This roller coaster puts mutants into the spotlight and spreads the attention around to all of X-Men to showcase them at their finest. 

 X2: X-Men United is far more cohesive than the original, and this is mostly due to a thorough plot that is clever and concise in its entirety. The beginning of the movie seamlessly transitions from the first movie in the franchise and reintroduces audiences to the most important members of the X-Men and what life for them is truly like. The middle of the movie marvelously progresses the plot along and introduces challenging obstacles for each and every member of the X-Men, while also including plenty of character development that helps to shape all of the mutants and make Stryker that much more fearsome of a villain. The enticing ending of the movie brilliantly wraps up the story and manages to include plenty of action-packed fight scenes that demonstrate some of the X-Men at the height of their mutant powers. While there aren't too many twists in this movie, the ones that the movie does possess prove to be thrilling and genuinely shocking. 

 X2: X-Men United has a star-studded cast that oozes with talent. Hugh Jackman gives a wonderful portrayal of Wolverine, and he manages to bring an insanely high level of intensity to the fan-favorite character. His portrayal is gritty, fierce and perfectly sums up how the mutant is, both as a person and as a fighter. Patrick Stewart is spectacular as Professor Xavier, and he astoundingly transforms into the character, both in terms of looks and personality, because he captures all of the ideals of the character with ease. Ian McKellen is simply incredible as Magneto, and he manages to bring emotion to the character, while also serving as a stark contrast to Professor Xavier and his youthful students. While there are some other notable roles, like Brian Cox's Stryker, the true stars of the movie are Jackman's Wolverine, Stewart's Xavier, and McKellen's Magneto, due to their ability to capture the audience's attention. 

 X2: X-Men United has the rare ability to be enjoyed by fans and also be critically praised. Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie an outstanding 85%, which is just as impressive as it sounds, and a whopping 92% of Google users liked the movie, solidifying the concept that this movie is a good fit for a wide variety of audiences. 

 X2: X-Men United is a triumphant hit that has amazingly vivid visuals, a cohesive plot, a magnificent cast and superheroes galore. This adventure perfectly sums up the concept of how mutants are treated by society as outcasts, despite how they use their powers to help the world, and this movie is certainly a high for several characters, especially for Wolverine, who has a special tie to this movie due to his special connection to Stryker. The movie is loaded with plenty of character development that aids to create character arcs that improve the franchise as a whole, and this also helps to allow the adventure to surpass any and all expectations. This sequel does the X-Men's long history justice and brings out the best in nearly all of the characters, making this an absolute must-see, because this movie unites the X-Men in all of the best ways possible. 

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"You picked the wrong house, bub." - Wolverine

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