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The Game Plan

August 5, 2019
By Anonymous

 The Game Plan is a sports comedy that revolves around a professional quarterback that has his life changed when he discovers that he has a daughter. The movie revolves around Joe Kingman, a person who seems to have the good life and has just about everything going his way. He's a bachelor with a lot of money, he's a talented football player that is respected by many, he's already well on his way towards being considered one of the best at his position of quarterback, and he has enough wealth to be essentially carefree without any real worries. However, this all changes when an eight-year old girl shows up on his doorstep, declaring that she's his daughter. Caught by surprise, Joe soon has his entire life turned around when he discovers that he really is a father, despite how he's just discovering this little girl now. Realizing that this is all just a result of a final fling with his ex-wife that he hadn't thought about in quite some time, simply because they only lasted about a year, he discovers that he must learn how to be a parent and take care of his daughter, just as his team makes the playoffs and have a chance at the championship, which has eluded Joe so far in his career. As Joe is forced to balance between his personal life and his work as a football player, he learns that he must change his ways from being a self-centered, cocky alpha and finally learn to understand that others matter as well. As Joe Kingman applies this to his parental relationship with his daughter, he also discovers that this mindset might also be the key to living a happier life and winning the championship game that has always been a dream of his. 

 The Game Plan proves to be an entertaining adventure that provides comedy, drama and enjoyable characters that have enough charisma to go around. The beginning of the movie seamlessly introduces audiences to Joe Kingman and what his luxurious life is truly like to experience, which is especially important, considering that this entire movie acts as a gigantic arc for the character to be shaped as a person. The middle of the movie does a fantastic job of progressing the plot along and adds new and exciting details to the story that aid in making the movie substantially more interesting. The enticing ending of the movie proves to be everything and then some that the creators could have possibly intended for, because the movie brilliantly wraps up in a heartwarming manner that will be sure to make audiences feel an entire spectrum's worth of emotions. The conclusion has drastic highs and lows, and this portion of the movie is instantly able to transform into an emotional roller coaster. The movie may be slightly predictable, and it certainly lacks in having not enough genuine surprises, but it doesn't matter. 

 The Game Plan is effective in producing real emotion and creating a lasting effect on its audience, which is just so incredible that it doesn't matter that watchers may be able to expect what happens next. The characters in this movie universe are so compelling that it is still intriguing to see what they will have to deal with. 

 The Game Plan greatly benefits from a talented cast that shines throughout. Dwayne Johnson is simply marvelous as Joe Kingman, and he manages to bring emotion, intensity, and passion to the role. It is super fun to watch Dwayne in a role that feels made for him, and it appears like he revels in the role, allowing audiences to have just as much satisfaction as he has. His on-screen relationship with Madison Pettis' Peyton Kelly is just so amazing to watch, and the acting duo that they form together needs to be seen. 

 The Game Plan may not be the most well done movie out there, or a film that transcended the industry, but it provides entertainment and has a spectacular story that fuels the movie with ease. The movie has plenty of great messages, including how it is important to think about others, and this surprisingly charming comedy will be sure to please just about anyone and everyone. Without a doubt, this is clearly a must-see. 

The author's comments:

"Peyton, I have an an answer for your question. After this game, win or lose, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me." - Joe Kingman

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Diego28-07 said...
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It reminds me of a movie I once watched good job buddy!