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Night School

August 3, 2019
By Anonymous

 Night School is a comedy that explores what it's like for a man to try to get his GED well after he has dropped out of high school. The movie revolves around Teddy Walker, a high school dropout that has now become successful in life, because everything seems to be going fairly well. He has a good job as a salesman for a barbecue company that he mostly sells grills for, and his girlfriend is the love of his life. While Teddy's girlfriend is a giant success that has plenty of money, Teddy worries that his money problems could cause her to want to leave him. Due to this mindset, Teddy drives around a car he can't afford, buys his girlfriend expensive jewelry, and he even offers to pay bills that he can't entirely afford. However, all of this changes when Teddy accidentally burns down his place of employment, meaning that he is finally without a job. Now jobless and without a high school diploma, Teddy's job options are quite slim, because most places won't employ people without said diploma. In order to be able to get a satisfactory job, Teddy realizes that he has to get his GED, but in order to accomplish this, Teddy must go to night school, much to his dismay. However, because he is still ashamed of never telling his girlfriend of how he dropped out of high school, Teddy finds himself living a secret life as he tries to ensure that she never finds out about his secret. In doing so, Teddy must deal with a group of misfits as fellow classmates at his night school class, his old high school nemesis that is now the principal of the school, and a teacher that believes Teddy isn't that smart, all while trying to get a second chance to get his GED and have a better life as a result. 

Night School proves to be a hilarious roller coaster from start to finish. The beginning of the movie seamlessly introduces audiences to what Teddy Walker is like, both in high school and as a adult, and this allows the character's story arc to become one of the most crucial aspects of the film. The middle of the movie does a great job of progressing the plot along and adding new conflicts for Teddy, which challenge him as a person as he gets torn apart trying to do the right thing. While the ending of the movie may not be the most complicated, it does have a few surprises that will be sure to please audiences along with a heartwarming conclusion that brings it all together. 

 Night School has plenty of comedic aspects that will be sure to entertain audiences. For instance, plenty of the fellow students in Teddy Walker's night school class are super funny to watch, including Rob Riggle's performance that includes him pouring humor into the role. Additionally, Riggle isn't the only actor that shines. The whole cast is talented throughout and really allows their comedic talents to be showcased at their fullest. Kevin Hart is simply marvelous as Teddy Walker, and he is certainly a fan-favorite as the lead character. Tiffany Hadish gives a terrific portrayal of Carrie, who's Teddy's night school teacher, and her relationship with Hart's Teddy Walker is quite the pleasure to watch. While there are some other notable roles, like Taran Killam's Stewart, who's the principal of the school, Hadish and Hart are the real stars. 

 Night School may not be the most sophisticated movie out there, but it has plenty of comedic scenes and jokes galore that alone make this movie worth watching. 

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"My suspicions were correct. You’re clinically dumb." - Carrie

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