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Rocky III

August 1, 2019
By Anonymous

 Rocky III is the third movie in the Rocky franchise and continues the adventures of everyone's favorite boxer, Rocky Balboa.

Taking place directly where the second movie finished, Rocky Balboa is now the heavyweight champion of the world and reaping in the benefits that come with such a title. However, even though Rocky is now more rich and famous than he could have ever imagined, going as far as living in a huge mansion and becoming a true celebrity, it has affected his boxing skills. Despite how he has increased the amount of charity work that he does, Rocky has lost the edge that helped him gain the title of world champion and he has now become overconfident and slightly lazy in his training to keep up his strength and skills. Although things seem to be at their worst when Rocky goes up against the wrestling world's champion in the ring, meaning that he has to fight against an enormous monster of a man in a fight, things turn even more sour when Rocky agrees to a challenge from the ferocious Clubber Lang. Clubber is as tough a fighter as they come, and when Rocky finally enters the ring with him, Clubber's raw ruthlessness is showcased. Not before long, the worst happens to Rocky, and he ends up losing his title to Clubber and his longtime trainer, Micky, dies on the same night. Now without his title and his mentor and friend, Rocky feels lost as to what to do next. Fighting Clubber was meant to be his last fight before retirement, but Rocky knows he can't just end on that fight. However, doing a rematch with Clubber might mean getting permanently injured. Lost as to what comes next in his life, Rocky soon finds an unexpected source in his former adversary in Apollo Creed, who agrees to train Rocky and help him dethrone Clubber, as long as Rocky agrees to do a favor for Creed once the fight is over. With a new trainer that attempts to implement an incredibly fresh style of fighting for Rocky, he begins to regain his fire and the heart and soul of the old Rocky that was able to win the title in the first place. 
 Rocky III proves to be action-packed and an emotional roller coaster that is dramatic throughout. Because the stakes are once again high in this movie, Rocky must fight for things that are bigger than just fighting another person, like regaining his confidence and figuring out who Rocky Balboa truly is as a person. This emotion and intensity causes audiences to be dragged to the edges of their seats in anticipation for what comes next, because this truly is an engaging adventure that just has so much in store for viewers. There are plenty of surprises, and just like the first two movies in the franchise, Rocky must experience various highs and lows that help to shape him as a character for the better by the end of the film. 

 Rocky III continues the mythos of the Rocky franchise and expands upon its characters, giving each and every one the time to shine at their finest. Rocky's relationship with Apollo Creed becomes that much more elaborate, as well as how Rocky functions as a person, because even though he has been challenged to the very brim in every venture yet, this movie may serve to be Balboa's greatest challenge yet, meaning his story arc is one of the most crucial. 

 Rocky III has a star-studded cast that shines. Sylvester Stallone does a superb job of transforming into Rocky Balboa, and his portrayal of the character has emotion, intensity, and passion galore. He makes the character relatable and just a joy to watch on-screen. Carl Weathers is simply wonderful as Apollo Creed, and his character has one of the most enjoyable backstories of any of the characters in the franchise. The chemistry between Weathers' Creed and Stallone's Balboa is nothing short of amazing to watch, because the acting duo that they form together truly is noteworthy. There are some other notable roles, like Mr. T's Clubber Lang, but Stallone and Weathers are the real stars. 

 Rocky III is an adventurous roller coaster that has drama, action, emotion and elevates the concept of boxing to the next level. Even for those who aren't usually fans of the sport, this movie will still prove to be inspirational for its bold story of what Rocky must go through to regain his confidence after losing nearly everything. Without a doubt, this is a triumphant sequel that adds to the movie series and is certainly a must-see. 

The author's comments:

"Nothin' is real if you don't believe in who you are!" - Rocky Balboa

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