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Old School

July 31, 2019
By Anonymous

Old School is a surprisingly charming comedy that revolves around a group of friends that attempt to start their own fraternity to recapture their old college spirit, despite how none of them are enrolled in college and are all attempting to have real adult lives, only to learn that it doesn't entirely live up to expectations. It all begins when attorney Mitch discovers something quite strange and uncomfortable about his girlfriend, which results in the two of them breaking up and ending the relationship that they have shared together for a significant amount of time. Mitch now begins to feel his entire world unravel and begin to fall apart with this new bit of news. He loses the home that he used to live in, the dog that they shared, and now he feels as if the last few years of his life have been nothing but a waste of time. Trying to get things back together, Mitch moves into a new home, one that is located just outside of a college campus, and Mitch begins to try to piece back together the parts of his life to turn things around for him once and for all. Two of his best friends, Frank Ricard and Bernard Campbell, begin to enjoy the concept of living near a college campus and recapturing all of the old fun that they used to have in college, so they end up hanging out with him at this new home. Before Mitch can even get used to living in this new abode, his friends decide to throw a wild party that allows the group to become quite popular with the college kids. The home ends up becoming the hotspot for all sorts of different wild parties, and even though this is much to the dismay of the college's Dean, Gordon Pritchard, who even goes as far as attempting to shutdown the place, the group of friends realize that they can stay if they formulate a fraternity. With this in mind, Frank, Bernard and Mitch gather together a group of pledges and end up formulating their own fraternity, as well as deal with all of the mayhem that comes along with it, reminding them of all of the fun that they used to have as they begin to work out their lives in the real world. 

Old School proves to be an entertaining adventure that is just hilarious throughout. While the movie may be far from being the most sophisticated of films, the movie is just pure movie fun and has plenty of comedic aspects that will please just about everybody. The whole notion of grown men trying to recapture the spirit of their college days is quite interesting to watch unfold on-screen, and this charismatic concept fuels the movie from start to finish. There are plenty of outstanding jokes placed throughout the dialogue, and the entire adventure is just a funny roller coaster that doesn't cease to make audiences breakout in laughter. 

 Old School may just be a comedy, but the actual plot and story of the movie are actually well-written and quite witty. The beginning of the movie does a brilliant job of introducing audiences to all of the main characters of the movie, as well as what's going on in their lives, which is especially important, since most of them have lives that have several things going wrong. The middle of the movie does a great job of progressing the plot along and adding new details to the story that aid in making the movie substantially more interesting and that much more appealing towards viewers. The enticing ending of the movie manages to do a fantastic job of wrapping up the entire story cohesively and manages to bring all of the characters' story arcs to a close in a nearly flawless fashion. The movie may not have too many surprises, but the movie is just so funny that it doesn't even matter. 

Old School is a comedy that greatly benefits from a talented cast that manages to revel in their roles and showcase just how funny they can really be. Luke Wilson is just terrific as Mitch Martin, and he manages to make the character relatable. Both Will Ferrell's Frank Ricard and Vince Vaughn's Bernard Campbell are noteworthy additions to the movie, and seeing as they make up the core friends of the move, watching both of them interact with each other and Wilson's Mitch is nothing short of pure joy. There are some other notable roles, like Simon Helberg's Jerry, but it's quite obvious that Ferrell, Vaughn, and Wilson are the real stars of the movie. 

Old School has an intriguing concept fueling it, plenty of humor, and a star-studded cast that brings it all together. Without a doubt, this is a movie worth going back to school to see.

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"Well, Columbus wasn't looking for America, my man, but that turned out to be pretty okay for everyone." - Bernard "Beanie" Campbell

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