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Captain America: The Winter Soldier

June 29, 2019
By Anonymous

 Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the sequel to the first Captain America movie and takes place after the horrific events of what occurred in New York, when Captain America was forced to fight aliens with his fellows Avengers. Now living in the country's capital, and trying to adjust to modern life and times, because he is literally a man out of his time, Steve Rogers is finally beginning to relax and get used to what the twenty-first century has in store, including some major improvements over the 1940s. Captain America begins to get involved with S.H.I.E.L.D. and Nick Fury, the director of the agency. However, when an attack occurs on a colleague of his and it becomes clear that something strange is occurring at the agency, Captain America is thrown into a world of secrets, spies, and a mystery that he hasn't even begun to touch the surface of. While discovering that the entire world is at risk, much like how they were at New York, Captain America soon realizes that he must team up with others to discover who are really the bad guys behind all of this and how they have to stop them before it's too late. Steve Rogers soon joins forces with the Black Widow, a fellow Avenger and an ex-spy that has experience in this field of work, and a new buddy in the Falcon, an ex-soldier that might prove to be Captain America's best ally yet, in order to crack the secrets that he is beginning to be exposed to. As he does so, his team begins to expose a huge conspiracy that could prove to be even more fatal, but as they do so, they begin to interact with an unexpected enemy that could prove to be their most dangerous foe yet. 

 Captain America: The Winter Soldier proves to be an exhilarating adventure that knows how to keep the adrenaline pumping. Packed to the brim with thrilling twists and turns at seemingly every inch and corner, the movie is able to provide a genuinely mysterious story that will certainly shock anyone and everyone. Additionally, the plot of the movie is well-written, thought through and proves to be one of the finest in the entire Marvel franchise. The beginning of the movie seamlessly transitions from the first Captain America movie and from the events of the other movies in the franchise, like what happened in New York with the Avengers. The middle of the movie does a marvelous job of progressing the plot along, as well as adding more details to the mystery itself to explain what is actually going on, which helps to create a layered story that is substantially more interesting as a result. The enticing ending of the movie manages to be everything and then some that the creators could have possibly wanted to include and proves to wrap up the entire story in a flawless fashion. The actual conclusion is nothing short of brilliant and combines together with both the beginning of the movie and the first movie to create a cohesive story that shines throughout. 

 Captain America: The Winter Soldier manages to have some noteworthy visuals that steal the spotlight more often than not. While heavily relying on a mixture of both special and visual effects, the movie manages to utilize an incredible balance between spectacular special effects and amazingly vivid visual effects. These visuals allow the characters on-screen to come to life even more so and make all of the fighting scenes look beyond realistic. 

 Captain America: The Winter Soldier has a star-studded cast that shines. Chris Evans does an unbelievably great job of portraying Captain America and Steve Rogers, and he is able to bring emotion and intensity to the main character that manages to transform into a superhero that everyone should strive to become like. Scarlet Johansson magnificently plays the Black Widow and manages to give a whole-hearted performance that enriches the character's backstory and makes her all the more appealing. Anthony Mackie does an excellent job of transforming into Sam Wilson, or as he is better known, the Falcon, and is able to become a grounded character that is introduced to Captain America's exciting world to act as a set of eyes for viewers to be introduced to the superhero's world as well. Samuel L. Jackson does a terrific job of portraying Nick Fury once again, and as per usual, he manages to bring scores of intensity to the character to ensure that drama and tension are effectively produced. 

 Captain America: The Winter Soldier has the rare ability to say that both critics and viewers alike enjoyed the movie. Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie an outstanding 90%, and a whopping 95% of Google users liked the movie, solidifying the concept that this movie is a great fit for a wide variety of audiences. 

 Captain America: The Winter Soldier is an action-packed roller coaster that is sure to please. There are dramatic surprises, an awesome mystery, and superheroes galore. Not only does this movie surpass any and all expectations, but it is also a must-see in every sense of the word. This movie showcases Captain America at his finest and does the character justice. For that, and that alone, this movie already becomes worth watching. 

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"The last time I trusted someone, I lost an eye. Look, I didn’t want you doing anything you weren’t comfortable with. Agent Romanoff is comfortable with everything." - Nick Fury

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