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The Lego Batman Movie

June 23, 2019
By Anonymous

 The Lego Batman Movie is an animated adventure that showcases what life is like for Batman in a fresh, comedic manner through the usage of LEGOs. Batman appears to be a tough, crimefighting vigilante that proves to be Gotham's greatest symbol of hope, but in reality, the man underneath is Bruce Wayne, who happens to be lonely and scared of having a family again, due to the untimely death of his parents that occurred when he was just a kid. There are some massive changes beginning to brew in Gotham, and it seems like the city may forever change for more reasons than not, especially considering the new commissioner, Barbara Gordon, wants the police force to join together with Batman, believing that Batman alone isn't enough to stop all of Gotham's crime. Meanwhile, the Joker is starting to formulate a grand plan of his own that involves destroying all of Gotham once and for all, and in order to stop what may appear to be his biggest test in his entire vigilante career, Batman must finally learn to work with others, which is something that he has been against for as long as he can remember. As Batman begins to discover that he can longer solely rely on himself, he begins to learn that people like his newly adopted son, Richard Grayson, may be able to act as a helpful sidekick known as Robin, his loyal butler, Alfred Pennyworth, is there for support as well, and Barbara Gordon wants to team up with Batman, so that he doesn't have to fight the war against crime all alone. As Batman finally learns that he may have been wrong in believing that he must be the sole protector of Gotham City, he's beginning to face his fear of having a family again, which might be more challenging for him than fighting all of Gotham's criminals, but as he does so, he discovers that Richard Grayson, Alfred, and Barbara can all teach him a thing or two about life. 

The Lego Batman Movie proves to be a comedic adventure that is fantastical and interesting throughout. The movie triumphantly showcases a creatively new version of Batman that will be sure to capture the audience's attention. The beginning of the movie seamlessly introduces Batman to viewers of all ages and manages to make the entire adventure enjoyable, even before the movie officially starts. The middle of the movie does a great job of marvelously progressing the story along and presenting new, creative obstacles for all of the characters that helps to produce drama, intensity and emotion that is very useful later on. The enticing ending of the movie manages to act as an exhilarating conclusion that wraps up all of the major story arcs, as well as tie back to the beginning of the movie to create a cohesive story that shines throughout. The conclusion even manages to be slightly heartwarming and emotional, which is especially interesting, because most probably wouldn't expect Batman to be an emotional character that can make audiences feel an entire spectrum's worth of emotions. 

 The Lego Batman Movie is an animated movie, and for such, it shouldn't be that surprising that the visuals of the movie are incredibly noteworthy. The amazingly vivid visual effects of the movie capture everything and then some that the creators could have possibly intended to include, and they manage to bring all of their concepts and ideas to life, regardless of how complicated they may be. The spectacular special effects of the movie combine together with the visuals effects to create a visual masterpiece that clicks on multiple levels. Without the visuals, the movie would probably never have been able to accomplish its goals, but luckily for this adventure, this simply isn't the case. 


The Lego Batman Movie has the rare ability to be enjoyed by both critics and viewers alike. Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie an outstanding 90%, which is just as impressive as it sounds, and a whopping 93% of Google users liked the movie, demonstrating the idea that a wide variety of audiences found satisfaction with the movie. 

 The Lego Batman Movie has superb visuals, an astounding plot and overall proves to be a triumphant hit with just about anyone and everyone. The movie will surpass any and all expectations and has action galore that helps to ensure that the movie becomes substantially more interesting. This is absolutely a must-see that transcends how audiences view Batman as a character. 

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"Iron Man sucks." - Batman

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