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Should Pet Sematary stay buried?

May 10, 2019
By 0rogers BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
0rogers BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Even die hard fans will be jumping in their seats when they see John lithgow and Jason Clarke's film remake of the 1982 film of Pet Sematary. I wouldn't go as far as to say the 2019 remake was better but it was interesting considering the huge character twists. (There will be spoilers in this review so if you haven't watched the new movie or plan on doing so, do not read past this.)

The movie starts off with the Creed family. The couple, Louis and Rachel have moved into a new house with their 9 year old daughter Ellie and their 2 year old son Gage. The front yard faces a major highway where semi trucks are constantly speeding past.


While watching the remake I was soon surprised with my first character twist. In the original movie their son Gage runs out into the road and gets killed by a truck. In the remake you'll be surprised to see that Ellie takes his place. The next twist was when Ellie murders the mother and then buried her too. They then both murder the father which did not happen in the original.

In the original, the daughter and the father survive but leaves you thinking that the mother will eventually kill the father too.In the new version the end scene shows the three dead family members and their dead cat Church standing outside of the car that the son is locked in, implying that he will soon join the dead family.


Although I enjoyed the character twists, I thought the first movie was much scarier. In the both movies you are introduced to Rachel's sister Zelda who suffers from spinal meningitis. Zelda's illness caused severe disfigurement and instead of feeling sorry Rachel was truly afraid of her sister. The first movie had made it seem like rachel was just being selfish. In the remake, it shows a scene where rachel put the food in dumbwaiter, after her parents told her not to, because she didn't want to go up stairs and see her sister. I almost found myself feeling bad for Zelda instead of Rachel which was something I didn't like.  Everything from the way the film frames Zelda and her frighteningly jerky movements, make the original more real. She's portrayed how rachel remembers her and to a child, Zelda resembles something of a monster and that's why the original was so much scarier.

One thing I appreciated as someone whos seen the first movie is that they changed the jumpscares. I thought I was prepared for some of the jumpscares but in the remake they switched them around so you weren't expecting it. One detail i enjoyed from the movie is that they also picked characters that look very similar to the original cast. It's almost a drag when they make a sequel or and use totally different characters because you're so use to them looking a certain way. However the son, Gage looks almost identical in both movies. It took me a few minutes while watching to realize that they couldn't possibly be the same character because of the difference in years the movies were made.

Overall I liked the new version; it was still entertaining. The actors were authentic with some looking almost identical to the original characters and I enjoyed being startled by the jumpscares. Switching around characters and changing events definitely surprised me in a good way. So if you haven't seen the first movie and you're just looking for a good scary movie then I definitely recommend watching it. I still wouldnt say its better than the original, but classics are hard to beat.

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