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Finding Forrester Film Review

April 9, 2019
By Anonymous

Finding Forrester by Sean Connery is a non fictional drama filled PG-13 movie which premiered December 20th, 2000. The main character Jamal Wallace is a 16 year old black educationally gifted basketball player who was recruited to a private school because of his intelligence, and his skills on the basketball court, before moving to the private school Jamal's friends had dared him to sneak into William Foresters apartment because they have heard alot of bad things about him from past rumors. Jamal proceeds with the dare but manages to leave his school backpack behind which contained some of his writings. Eventually while jamal was walking past forresters window his backpack had been thrown on a window from above, upon later observation jamal realized that all of his journals were plastered with notes, furthermore Jamal goes back to william fosters apartment but this time going to the front door. Forrester then proceeds to jokingly tell Jamal to go away by telling him to write a 5000 word essay on why Jamal should stay out of Forresters home but Jamal takes it seriously and delivers the paper to Forresters door the next morning. Throughout the rest of the film Forrester proceeds to help Jamal in improving his writing skills, even giving him unpublished writings of his own to go off of. One of the essays Jamal had submitted for a competition was flagged by one of the professors Robert Crawford for being too good, they eventually put plagiarism charges up against Jamal and there was nothing he could do about it since he needed a letter from Forrester confirming that he let Jamal use his writings but Jamal promised Forrester that he wouldn't tell anybody his whereabouts. Jamal was later on told that if he wins the state championship for his school he could stay and still attend Mailor but he ended up missing two free throw shots and lead his team to lose, Therefore Jamal writes a letter to forester discussing their  friendship, Jamal's brother eventually ends up finding the letter and delivers it to Forrester. Forrester is moved by the letter and decides to change his ways and to move past his solitude. After Jamal had read the essay in front of the class Forrester shows up and confirms that Jamal did indeed write the essay with his own words. The school eventually drops the plagiarism charges against Jamal and resummits his essay to the competition. The school board what dumbfounded by William Forrester coming forward and offers him a spot as a professor but he politely declines as he has a new outlook on life since he's not hiding anymore, he then goes forward with his lifelong plan to go back to his home in scotland, Forrester thanks Jamal for everything he did and leaves. A year later Jamal is informed that Forrester had died from cancer but he left behind his apartment, his manuscript to his second novel and a letter thanking jamal for giving him life again.

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