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El Norte

March 12, 2019
By Anonymous

El norte was a film made around the time of the 1980s who was directed by Gregory Nava . The movie was filmed in took place in Guatemala to start with and led through the united states and Mexico throughout the movie .

In a not so perfect Guatemala “El Norte” is about a boy and a girl Enrique and Rosa who try to survive in a world where they are used as a pair of arms as they try to move to a better life but are blind to fact that the north isnt as good as they were told .

The North which is the United States , is the place everybody has talked about going and have tried to get into because they believe there lives would be better off nut really the stories told aren't accurate ,they are things people see in a magazine .

Enrique who sees the good in everything and eventually works as a waiter boy in the north is from Guatemala were they are treated unfairly and have no say so to what goes on him and his people are took advantage of doing the dirty mans work while they sit back and do nothing , Enrique's sister Rosa who questions everything is a nice person with a good heart, she through their journey cares very much for her brother and believed that they must stay together .


While in Guatemala Enrique and Rosa lived with their parents and there dad was against the Starbucks he didn't agree with there ways of treating people he once told Enrique that to the rich the poor are just a set of arms and he didn't like it because most the work was done by the poor and goes unnoticed .

As Rosa and Enrique live in the north they start off good and as days go by the quicker Rosa starts to realize that the way of living and the north dream isn't all as they thought it be and that the lifestyle is a lot to deal with because the living isn't like the old way she is used to .  

The author's comments:

This movie is based on a true story 

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