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EL Norte

March 12, 2019
By Anonymous

EL Norte


EL Norte is a very interesting movie. El Norte was a film made in 1984 and was directed by Gregory Nava. now that i got that off my chest here's why because it shows what happens beyond what us USA kids see. El Norte shows us the real world such as all the mizzerie these people go threw. An example of this is how people have lots of poverty in there country like guatemala on top of that while those people are living in poverty they here nun but the american dream that makes countless people want to travel to the USA.

EL Norte is a very mysterious type of movie.For an example in this scene when rosa was escaping guatemala she sees these mysterious twins that don't talk much but when they do its creepy.So there for you will think one thing will happen but the total opposite will occur. Another thing El Norte will do is keep you on your heels.

The father of the 2 kids rosa and enrique organized a revolution in guatemala  to try to` get his people free then he gets found with his head cut off like a thriller scene.

Recae witch is one  of those to kids Is the brother out of those two kids can adapt to many situations.

An example of this is the scene when ereque was pretending that he was from mexico by cursing a lot because people says that mexicans curse a lot.

While watching this amazing movie you will realize there is a lot of circles such as the sun or the moon even the inside of a hat that will help you predict what will happen next.

The crazy part about this movie is what i said from the beginning that it's going to end leaving you with a question.

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its about EL Norte

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