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November 29, 2018
By Anonymous

 Skyscraper is a movie revolving around a fiction Hong Kong that has a building known as "The Pearl." "The Pearl" is the world's tallest building, and it is also very modern, packed with insane technology that helps to make the place truly one of a kind. Will Sawyer, a former FBI agent, who left the field after a horrific accident left him with only one functioning leg and now works as a security advisor for skyscrapers, and he is assigned to assess the Chinese building. The task is for him and his family to be the first people to live in "The Pearl." However, when a group of mobsters plans to destroy the building, and Will gets framed when the building catches on fire, the strong father of two does everything in his power and then some to try to rescue his family from inevitable danger. 

 Although Skyscraper isn't perfect and has a few tiny issues, the entire movie is dramatic and filled with suspense and intensity from start to finish. The beginning of the movie starts things off on a nice note, although parts of it are slightly predictable. The middle of the movie progresses the movie solidly and helps to build up the insane amount of suspension and intensity that help to shape the movie. The enticing ending of the movie brings things to a close brilliantly and is sure to please viewers. The whole movie surprisingly has outstanding one-liners that are just timed to perfection sprinkled throughout, and these jokes help to lighten up the mood and add to the movie's entertainment. 

 However, with all of this greatness in mind, there are a few issues with the movie. Some of the villain's decisions seem sort of quirky and unrealistic, and some of the features of "The Pearl" don't make that much logical sense. Even though the plot has a small issues, there are a good amount of thrilling twists and turns that help to create an exuberayting adventure that is sure to not disappoint.

 Although Skyscraper sits well with fans, critics did not seem to be so satisfied. Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie a poor 46%, and Metacritic gave the movie a slightly better 51%. However, a whopping 90% of Google users liked the movie, demonstrating that the highlights of the adventure showcased in Skyscraper is probably best suited for people looking for pure entertainment, not a movie that wins awards for its originative plot. 

 Skyscraper certainly isn't perfect, but it is a great movie to watch for people who want to see Dwayne Johnson in a role well suited for him and for those who want shear delight from the enjoyably wild roller coaster. 

The author's comments:

"If you can't fix it with duct tape... you ain't using enough duct tape." - Will Sawyer

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