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The Bourne Supremacy

November 24, 2018
By Anonymous

 The Bourne Supremacy is the second installment in the Bourne franchise and continues the adventures of the skilled Jason Bourne. Jason Bourne is living in India with the love of his life, attempting to escape form the world of spies, governments, and killings. However, that adventurous but atrocious past soon catches up with him. A Russian assassin is hired to eliminate Jason and wipe him from existence, while also framing Bourne with the murder of several and theft of millions of dollars from the CIA. Although the Russian killer comes close to killing Jason, his shot ends up hitting the wrong person, and he kills Bourne's girlfriend, wiping away another person that Jason loves dearly. Jason Bourne must now seek revenge and clear his name, which will be more than just a little difficult, seeing as the entire CIA is after him, convinced he's guilty, and they are led by Pamela Landry, who wants Bourne to be held responsible for the death of two of her own agents. Bourne will need to put all of his skills and intelligence to the test, as he does his best to survive, and in the process, some of his memories slowly come back to him in confusing bits and pieces, as the truth starts to emerge. 
 The Bourne Supremacy manages to prove to be an enticing sequel, while also showing off Jason Bourne's awesome dominance. Although the first movie definitely had some confusing parts that over-complicated the movie in some people's opinions, this movie is much more clear, while also challenging viewers to believe what is true and what is false, but it is done in a manner that only intrigues viewers, without causing them to lose interest. 
 The Bourne Supremacy starts things off brilliantly, and the beginning of the movie definitely sets up the rest of the movie for immediate success. The marvelous middle portion of the movie progresses things incredibly well and is packed with character development, while also forcing viewers to question what is the real past about the protagonist anti-hero in Jason Bourne. The enticing ending of the movie is just about everything that fans could have hoped for and ends things amazingly, while also proving why Jason Bourne is such a cool character: he simply rises up to the occasion each and every time, regardless of the odds. 
 Matt Damon is just perfect as Bourne in The Bourne Supremacy, and he is a major reason why this movie and the original are so enjoyable. He makes Jason look like a realistic spy that has to deal with issues but can also fight bad guys using wits and cunningness. Matt is excellent when he's placed in a role where he has to show various emotions that add suspense and intensity to a movie, and he does exactly that in this one. On numerous occasions, he manages to help create emotionally rich scenes that are sure to both heart-break and heart-warm audiences. 
 The Bourne Supremacy also has the benefit of having thrilling twists and turns at just about every corner. Some of these surprises are sure to genuinely shock viewers, and they add scores of intensity to the movie. Jason Bourne's raw athleticism and ingenuity is showcased in numerous scenes, and these help to create a special tone, since parts of the movie are dark, but some of the parts where Bourne's talent is a highlight is fairly light-hearted. 
 The Bourne Supremacy manages to sit well with fans, and it was also pretty triumphant with critics. Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie a fairly impressive 81%, and IMDb gave the movie a solid 7.8/10. An outstanding 93% of Google users liked the movie, helping to demonstrate that a wide variety of viewers found the movie entertaining. 

 The Bourne Supremacy is a spectacular movie that is sure to impress and will definitely prove to be a fantastic choice. 

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"You talk about this stuff like you read it in a book." - Ward Abbott 

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