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Scorch Trials by James Dashner

March 27, 2017
By Wailord123 SILVER, Glen Carbon, Illinois
Wailord123 SILVER, Glen Carbon, Illinois
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The Maze was supposed to be the end. Or so Thomas thought. But WICKED has more for them. Phase Two has begun:The Scorch Trials. Thomas and the Gladers have exactly 14 days to cross the Scorch-the most burned down place in the entire world. And WICKED made sure that this wont be just a walk in the park.


Thomas and the other Gladers have found out that they are not alone-their are people in the city that are infected with the Flare, a disease that drives people into insanity along with destroying the appearances. There are more people looking for the Cure.


In the second of the Maze Runner Series, Friendships will be studied. Loyalties will break. All past bets are officially off. In the Scorch Trials, there is one thing they have to do to survive this Trial-NEVER STOP RUNNING.                   

The author's comments:

I hope that people will understand that James Dashner has infinite imagination in order to make this amazing series.

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