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The Days of Tao by Wesley Chu

February 15, 2016
By SpeakerOfTheDead PLATINUM, Lemont, Illinois
SpeakerOfTheDead PLATINUM, Lemont, Illinois
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― Henry David Thoreau

This was my first dive into Wesley Chu’s Tao series. While The Days of Tao was not a full novel length work, the novella still succeeded at being an interesting tale to both new and old readers alike.

Our hero, Cameron Tan is spending the summer after college in a study abroad program in Greece when war breaks out. But Cameron is living a double life as a Prophus operative and he is the only who can save the life of an extremely important man.

Yet, the novella mainly focuses on themes of friendship instead of war. After a shaky start needed for world building and creating the characters, the book moves right along steadies its pace. The writing was great and Chu creates scenes that explode in the readers mid.

In the end, I enjoyed this book. It interested me in reading his other books and starting the Tao series. If a reader was interested in starting the series, I would turn them to this work for an example of his style.

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