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Unfriended by Rachel Vail

October 3, 2015
By crazzycass BRONZE, Eutawville, South Carolina
crazzycass BRONZE, Eutawville, South Carolina
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I got Unfriended in the mail on Friday and finished it the next day, it was that good. It was a really good book and one of the few books that can switch point-of-view and still flow without being chopy. It play both male and female characters well, and can flow between chapter to chapter, character to character. It it rather hard to find a book that can go from pov so well and yet teen ink sends a perfect book. It was real easy to imagine the characters and watch the story unfold before your eyes. The only complaint I can say is that it was rather predictable. In short it was an eighth grade version of mean girls. You have Hazel who is the mastermind and cyber genius who really is feeling betrayed and lonly. Then there is Truely who is rater innocent but eventually smartens up, she is rather important though you dont know it yet. You also have Brooke and Clay who are the populars yet really nice and have their own thing going on. Then theres Jack who is into Truely, and trust her the whole time. Finally you got Natasha who is like a more deviant Hazle but she is in it for popularty unlike hazle who dosent care weather she is popular. It was predictable yet still a good book, Rachel Veil made the characters come alive before my eyes and ended the book well yet left me longing to know what happens next. This story points out the flaws in human nature yet makes you smile the whole time you are reading. It helps you understand that no one is always nice and that no one is completely bad, as you see with natasha and truely, and not all familys are perfect as you see with natasha and her mother. In Unfriendly Rachel Veil aslo stresses the importance of friendship over popularity. In Unfriended the way it changes point of view also helps give you insight to the fact that everyone has a different perosnalitiy and everyone comes from different backgrounds. it was a great book over all and it is definatly something that i will read multiple times-and for me to say that then it must have been a good book, or more that just good more like great.

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As part of the Teen Ink Advanced Reader Program I got the book Unfriended. It arrived in the mail on Friday and I finished reading it on Saturday, the next day. Unfriended was a really good book, not really my type and i enjoyed it enough to want to read it multiple times. If you liked mean girls then this is the next book for you

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