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Saving Crazy by Karen Hood-Caddy

August 8, 2015
By Anonymous

This book is cute. I did not personally find the book anything special but my little sister, who is seven, enjoyed reading it. Its about a girl named Robin who when she develops a crush on a boy risks destroying a friendship with her life-long friend ZoZo. In an attempt to pull away Robbin from making a bad mistake, ZoZo and Robbins grandmother-called Griff- go on a whale saving expodition with Robbin who comes reluctently. But dont worry Robbing eventually comes around and even saves some whales. This book is full of facts about the world today, but it is still exciting enough to not feel the bore of having to read a textbook. If you are looking for something that you can share with your younger brother, sister, cousins, neices and nephews then this is the book. Its is something the whole family can just pass around. Unless you have my sister then it will just get read repeatedly.

The author's comments:

This is not a book I would pick out for my self, but I would get for my sister, it was cute. 

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