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The Masked Truth by Kelly Armstrong

August 6, 2015
By Anonymous

The Masked Truth was the first book by Kelly Armstrong that I have read, although I really enjoyed it. When I started reding this book I was thinking throughout the begining "this is so predictable" or "I bet this...'' and each time I was proven wrong. The Masked Truth was easily enough to get into, by the middle I was hooked and devastated when it ended. Kelly Armstrong makes it easy to fall in love with the haunted Riley V. and the troubled, smart,and secluded Maximus-better known as Max. Unlike most of my favorite books, this book takes place in the real world with real people and is in modern but not futureistic times. The 'villians' of this story is both horrible gunmen, a gang, an over entustic theirapist, and internal demons. The masked Truth mixes action, drama, romance and just enough crazy and mystery that I can read and reread this multiple times. 

The author's comments:

I got this book through the teen ink advanced reader review program, and i am so thankful because this is a really good book.

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