Moon at Nine by Deborah Ellis

May 2, 2014
Love- an emotion so powerful that cannot be denied. Unlike a light switch, people cannot choose who to fall in love with as the heart desires whoever it wants. For Farrin, a girl from a wealthy family in Tehran, Iran, is struggling with her love life. She had learned to live a low-key life, fear of the guards dominating the life of every Iranian, but when she meets her new friend, Farrin finds herself taking bigger risks than before. But will the risks manage to catch up to her in the end?

Deborah Ellis manages to portray a wonderfully written novel that is a reality for many people in other countries. Unable to openly show affection, these people live in fear knowing the ultimate consequence can result in punishment, such as death. The story truly shows the first-hand perspective of a confused Iranian girl struggling to live under the government. I think the story was beautifully crafted, after a true event, and manages to hit the reader as intended by the author. Ellis perfectly displays Farrin as a relatable character, despite coming from another country, which helps the overall emotional impact. Farrin lived her life in fear, but as she begins to lose fear- is it truly for the best or worst? You’ll have to read on your own to find out what happens!

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