Perfect Timing by Laura Spinella

March 16, 2014
Born in New Jersey and raised in Catswallow, Alabama, Isabel Lang spent her adolescence ignoring the persistent letters from her newly out-of-the-closet father. Aidan Roycroft, Catswallow’s musically-gifted, handsomest feature and Isabel’s only friend, bonded with her as the unlikely pair became inseparable. Isabel and Aidan are just friends; a title no other girl in Alabama understands when it comes to Aidan. Suddenly, their small world is shaken when Aidan is wrongfully accused of a violent crime and the two flee to Vegas. While in Vegas, Aidan gets discovered and signed by a record company and, between the music and turmoil, Isabel and Aidan get separated. Seven years later, Isabel finds herself between a rock and a hard place and has to call on the only rock star she knows for help. Though the past is the past, everyone knows it’s bound to be repeated if Isabel doesn’t learn from it…

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