Lincoln's Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln (With desgins by James Daugherty)

January 5, 2013
“Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address” is just that: the Gettysburg Address. However, the format it’s been put in makes it really interesting. The book is almost a picture book that was made for slightly older readers. Every page has a few lines from his address and a beautiful painting to go along with it. It’s simple, yet stunning at the same time.
The words that Abraham Lincoln wrote so many years ago are often brushed aside by history students. It’s just one more thing to study or to memorize or to do a project on. This book really broke it apart well to help the reader interpret every individual line. The words he spoke really remind me of what it used to be like. We all take it for granted that people are equal, and it’s hard to remember things weren’t always that way.
The pictures themselves are beautiful. They’re full of detail. I personally also found it helpful that the artist’s interpretation of the paintings was in the back of the book. It helped me see things that I hadn’t seen before within the book. I honestly can’t put the awesome pictures into words. They’re just really amazing.
All in all, it’s a great book. It’s nonfiction (obviously) and it’s relatively short, but it really speaks to our nation. I recommend getting it and then reading it with a younger sibling or cousin. It presents the Gettysburg Address in a way that is simple and beautiful. It would also be a great year to buy it because this year is the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address. I enjoyed it and I think others will too.

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