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Crewel by Gennifer Albin

December 15, 2012
By mb777 GOLD, Thornwood, New York
mb777 GOLD, Thornwood, New York
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Never forget your true identity, even if you never get to go back to your old life. Gennifer Albin, the author of Crewel, creatively incorporates this life lesson into the novel.
In Crewel, a girl, Adelice , who comes from an average family, must answer the calling of becoming a “Spinster.” Because of this, Adelice is taken away from her family and can never return. Adelice experiences the ups and downs of being a spinster and secrets unfold along the way. Lives are lost, reality is challenged, and one daring and far from average girl has the ability to change the lives of millions.
The way that Gennifer Albin composes the novel really makes reads feel as if they are being sucked out of their reality and are put into the world of the appealingly beautiful and mysterious spinsters. The setting of the book, a world that is controlled, and organized, is not only interesting to become a part of while reading the book, but it powers the defiant mind that Adelice possesses. Other characters in this novel, all have their own secrets and surprises that add to the chilling suspense. The plot is moved along by the hardships that every character must face and the action-packed life of Adelice.
It is highly recommended to read this book to experience what it is like to live in a word far different than ours and to experience the literary masterpiece that Gennifer Albin has woven just as the spinsters in her book weave artwork of their own.

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