My Sister's Keeper

April 16, 2009
By Genny Stubbs SILVER, Chelsea, Michigan
Genny Stubbs SILVER, Chelsea, Michigan
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Book Review
My Sister's Keeper
By: Jodi Picoult
Anna Fitzgerald was born only to help her cancerous sibling, Kate. From the day Anna was born she was put through tests to help Kate survive. In My Sister's Keeper Anna is fighting for medical emancipation. Anna hires Campbell Alexander for her lawyer. Their relationship starts off shaky but soon turns into a great relationship. Before long Julia comes into the picture, who is Campbell's ex girlfriend. Julia takes a role in the law case also. Then there's Jesse who is Kate and Anna's brother. Jesse doesn't take a huge part in the case and therefore he doesn't particularly care. Anna's parents are surprised when Anna wants to propose to do the emancipation. Will Anna's parents give up or will they prevail?
My Sister's Keeper is a spectacular book that you can't ever put down. Picoult portrays this book in a fabulous manor. It keeps you flipping through page to page wondering what's going to happen next. I personally couldn't stop reading once I got started. There's always a problem brought up that keeps you intrigued. I was continuously pondering what was going to happen to Anna or Kate.
Jodi Picoult is well known for her other books also. Some of her other books that Picoult has wrote include; Nineteen minutes, The Pact, The Tenth Circle, Perfect Match and many many more. This is the only book I've personally read of Picoult's writing. I truly believe that she represents this book in such a subtle but intense way. She keeps you wanting more.
I recommend this book to anybody looking for a compelling, heart wrenching, fictional story. My Sister's Keeper is a great book for middle school ages and up. My Sister's Keeper isn't based on a true story but it can relate to many people. There are some realistic events that take place throughout the book.

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