Gone with the Wind

April 16, 2009
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This is defiantly a true American classic everyone should read. A pampered southern young lady witnesses her world being torn apart by war while she watches as her own life crumbles apart as the man she loves marries another woman. However, Scarlett is not the typical sweet and helpless lady everyone expects her to be. She is not one to sit back and watch things happen; she does everything in her power to get what she wants. But in the end… does she really know what she wants? Is it the down to earth peace-maker Ashley that holds her love or the wild man with a scandalous reputation; Rhett Butler?

Set during the Civil War, Scarlett watches as the life as she knows it suddenly takes a new and nasty twist. Not only is she watching as the Confederacy crumbles, but she suffers through terrible losses in her friends and family.

Mitchell captures the reader's attention by creating the lives of these complicated characters that everybody can get drawn into. From the very beginning I was trying to figure out where this complicated, Romeo and Juliet story was headed. Gone with the Wind also did a good job of planting a vivid picture of the scene written in the book.

I recommend this book to anyone who is willing to stick to an 1,100 page book. It may look a little intimidating at first but once you really get into the story of the book, it flies by. This book is meant for anyone who wants a complex but exciting read.

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