Annie Between the States

April 16, 2009
By Genny Stubbs SILVER, Chelsea, Michigan
Genny Stubbs SILVER, Chelsea, Michigan
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Annie Between the States
By L.M. Elliot
Annie Sinclair, a courageous strong hearted girl, who finds herself striving to balance on a fragile string. She and her mother tend to wounded soldiers while both her brothers, Laurence and Jamie quarrel the south. While Annie stumbles down a draught life-altering path, she finds love in a Union Army Lietenant. But Annie is soon accused of a hideous crime, but simply in her own self-defense. In Annie Between the States, a yound woman is on a furocious gallop to rescue two stolen slaves from the famous Major Mosby. Annie disguised as a man, races into the night with her brother Jamie. As situations get overly-intense. Will Annie save the kidnapped slaves? What will she be accused of?
Annie Between the States is a brilliant historical fiction piece. It was like I was in one lengthy journey, except I could pause and start again when the time was right. Elliot captures the reasders mind with the excellent feeling of being right there, and the adventures throughout the story.
This book stands to be the fullest and most marvelous book of this type. Throughout the story I was putting myself in the same position as Annie and thinking to live a life like that. These kinds of books like Annie Between the States always keep me in focus because they are from another time I am unfamiliar of. Reading from Annie's perspective, I felt like I woul always have done what she did throughout the whole story.
I highly recommend this to anyone who loves adventure and history, but likes a long and fast read

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