The Mind Virus (The Wired #3) by Donna Freitas

May 1, 2018
By Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Synopsis (From Goodreads):

Skylar Cruz’s heart is shattered. But even though everyone has betrayed her, Skylar was able to negotiate a way to open the door between the Real World and the App World. Now Skylar must help the people who left the virtual world behind as they become refugees in the Real World.

And for everyone who remained plugged in, a new danger has become evident. Their bodies are mysteriously dying, and it’s because of events Skylar’s sister, Jude, set in motion. A virus has been unleashed that could mean total extinction of the App World—and everyone in it.

Skylar and Jude must set aside their differences and work together if they are to defeat the mind virus before the App World fades away into oblivion.

After closing the body market, Skyler thought her hero days were done. Yet those who unplugged started regretting their decision, they are laid up in bed all day, refusing to walk, and demanding their apps back. The children do not seem to mind, already running around and doing gymnastics, they prance around the makeshift shelter chanting about Queen Skyler and King Rain. Yes, after the betrayal from Kit, Skyler and Rain became a mutual unit again. Skyler tries to help Parvda with the pain of losing Adam, her boyfriend, as he shifted into the App World after they had a terrible fight. When coming face to face with Kit, outside the body market, Skyler does not give him a chance. As much as she loved Kit, and she really did, but he betrayed her to her sister, never even giving her the chance to help him like she promised. Something is wrong in the app world, something her mother and Rain tried to hide from her. The bodies of the still plugged in are dying off of no natural cause. With no correlation to age, race or sex, Skyler knew she had to be the one who found out. Recruiting Lacy to help Skyler shift, an idea that Rain did not want happen, thus they had to do it in secret. Their deal, Lacy helps Skyler shift, and Lacy gets to talk to Rain, to discuss them, for Lacy to know if Rain loved her like he loves Skyler.


Ree is the app character this book starts off with.  Living her life fully in the shadow of best friend Char, Ree was on the fence about unplugging. When Char downloads a silver present app that turns out to be poison, Ree and her mother are locked away as a government secret. Locked in her apartment with only her mother, Ree discovers a way she can escape by diving into an online game that involves interacting with other people. Meeting Adam and then Skyler, Ree is excited for her escape to become a reality. yet, the government knew what was going on, so when they take her to Emory Specter, Ree knew she had to act smart to keep herself alive. The app world was not what Ree was lead to believe, as looking out her window in her skyscraper prison there were black holes everywhere. In the sky, in the ground, Ree finds out that the app world was dying, and unless something happened soon, they were all going to die with it.

What a way to end the series! Donna Freitas takes us into the two worlds: one real one made of apps. With a refugee problem, much like on our world, this story is divided into four parts as the citizens of New Port get to decide whether or not they want to save these App people, who abandon them and the real world in the first place. Freitas left nothing to last minute as the story takes place from the point of view of Ree, Skyler, Kit, Lacy, and Rain, letting all the main characters share their deepest thoughts. The love triangle (triangle with an offshoot) between Skyler, Kit, Lacy and Rain finally settles, as each couple gets with the one they desire most. Kit, again is your bad boy's favorite, as he gets inked up in a way to remind him of Skyler, which is the cutest thing a guy like Kit could do. Parts that Freitas skipped over was how calm Jude was when she and Skyler came face to face again. Maybe it was because she finally got her app life she wanted, yet it was a nice touch that Freitas ended with the Cruz family at peace with each other. The ending was the best, with a cute little epilogue to round out the series, the death Freitas added, where I was offended as that character was one of my favorites, seem right, giving them the hero status they tried to achieve throughout the story. Plus, the little bit of hope in the significant other’s eyes when talking to someone new, gave me hope, as Freitas did not totally destroy their life.

The author's comments:

What a great ending! 

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