Boyfriend by Dandi Daley Mackall

April 25, 2018
By Angeles2003 SILVER, Eminence , Kentucky
Angeles2003 SILVER, Eminence , Kentucky
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Intro -
The book I read was entitled “My Boyfriends’ Dogs,” this is a story that talks about a Missouri girl that lives in a small town called, Millet, Missouri.  It was her Junior and Senior years, and all she wanted was to have her first “real” boyfriend, but she ended up falling hard in love with three different guys named Went, Mitch, and Eric. She stumbled into a café while it was storming outside. In the little café she told three men Louie, Rune, and Colt. The author of the book is, Dandi Daley Mackall

Characters -
Bailey Dailey is the main character in the story. She is confident in herself because she repeats, “I am sixteen, with extraordinary large breasts, a fantastic body, and hair to die for.” every morning when she gets ready for school.  She repeats so that she has a boost of confidence that she’ll find a guy that will love her looks and personality.

Bailey’s first boyfriend, “Went” is  known as a very charming young man. Every time Bailey and Went went on a date, Went was found with another group of girls who were always older.  “Sometimes I lost him when we were only inches apart, like on one ride we had to train car with two girls form Illinois. I wasn’t the only one holding my boyfriend’s arms.” This is evidence from the text that shows that overtime Bailey turns around,  Went attracts new girls on there dates!
Eric - Bailey’s third boyfriend - is very cautious. He is really cautious toward his health. For example, Eric came over to Bailey’s house for Thanksgiving. When Bailey’s mother told him that she was going to cook the turkey over night in the oven, Eric freaked out and did research on the Internet about salmonella. In his defense he replied, “I’ve never heard of anyone cooking a turkey over night, so I thought I’d check it out.” The sentence from the book proves that he got worried he’d get a disease for trying something new.

Amber is Bailey’s best friend. Amber is a very caring and understanding young woman, who would do anything for Bailey. She was alway the shoulder Bailey could cry on. She was always there when Bailey whined about her break ups or while she's in a relationship and something isn’t going right. Like, when Bailey was asking Went out over the phone she was right next to her for support. “I talked Amber into coming over for moral support while I made the big call to Went,” the sentence provides that Amber was always there to support Bailey and listen.

Problem/Conflict -
The biggest problem that occurred was that Bailey could never find the perfect boyfriend. After Bailey dumped Went, she didn’t have a relationship that lasted more than a week! All her previous boyfriends after Went, were just looking for one “good time.” She tried to explain that she didn't want to have a “good time,” before marriage and if she did it would be for life. Sadly, none of her boyfriends understood that, so they would dump her on the spot. She never found the boyfriend that didn’t care about “having a good time,” until she met Mitch and Eric, but they just weren’t for her.

Conclusion -
Bailey did end up with the perfect boyfriend, she knew he was the one for her. Bailey fell in love with young man named Colt. Colt was the guy in the Goofy costume that comforted her as she cried in his arms, when Went kept leaving her to talk to other girls. Later on, Colt and Bailey met again at the Louie’s St.Louie Café.

My Opinion -
I recommend this book for the people who like reading comedy - romance. The thing I love the most about the story, is that it was so hard to put down for than five minutes. Every time I sat the book down, I would just pick it right back up, because I was so curious on what was going to happen next. I personally rate the book 5/5 stars. The story was funny, romantic, and thrilling. So, I recommend the story My Boyfriends’ Dogs.

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