American Sniper *Spoiler Alert* by Chris Kyle

April 25, 2018
By Angeles2003 SILVER, Eminence , Kentucky
Angeles2003 SILVER, Eminence , Kentucky
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My story is a Man who has a strong passion for his faith and Country. In the beginning of the book he made it very clear of what his priorities are in his life, “If I had to order my priorities, they would be God, Country, Family. There might be some debate on where those last two fall - these days I’ve come around to believing that Family may, under some circumstances, outrank Country.”p.g 7-8 To show this strong passion for the country I drew an American Flag.

His life as a SEAL affected a lot of situations in his life. An example is the raising of his newborn son, in which he had to leave behind along with his wife to fight in the war. Leaving his wife to take care of the child alone wasn’t only hard for him but also hard for her as she explained, “I knew taking care of our son was all going to be on me for the next several months while he was away… I was nervous about how I would handle it, and sad that all the memories of our beautiful son would be mine alone…”p.g 115  To show how his wife had to stay home and raise her child on her own I drew the mother holding a child in her arms.

Because of his military training there is a lot of different skill sets to be learned. Example Sniper school that my main character took, Chris Kyle. He took his something like his final exam of the class twice. Declaring had he had a superstition that all snipers have whether it’s a lucky sock or lucky gun that they have to have to make the perfect shot. Like for Chris it was his Tobacco, the first time he failed then realizing, “I hadn’t put any chewing tobacco in my mouth during the test. It was the only thing I’ve done differently… and it turned out to be the key.  I passed the exam with flying colors - and a wad of tobacco in my cheek.” p.g 106 To represent this from the book I drew a soldier with a sniper gun.

If you became a  Navy SEAL there is extreme training to prepare you for things that will occur during war. Something that Chris experienced during his training, was to work with some marine life. During his training preparing him for rough waters and difficult situations that might happen. During their exercises there were times that they would get beaten my trained marine life such as dolphins and sea lions. “While the Navy was testing a program using dolphins for harbor defense, they used us as targets, in a few cases without warning. The dolphins would come out and beat the s*** out of us. They were trained to hit in the sides , and they could crack ribs.” p.g 108 Before this Chris always hated any exercises that included the being in the ocean, so this exercise didn’t help any. Neither did the shark, “One evening, we were supposed to swim across the bay off San Diego, in the dark, and plant a limpet mine on a particular ship… I was beneath the ship and and had just plante my mine when something grabbed my fin. SHARK!!!... found myself giving the finger to a shark who’d taken a particular liking to my flipper. He had it in his jaw.” p.g 109 - 110 To show the importance of his training in the water I chose to represent it by a dolphin

To top of my project I also drew a frog skeleton. It’s a tradition SEAL and UDT symbol to honor their dead comrades. “I also got my first tattoo around this time. I wanted to honor the SEALs, and yet I didn’t feel as if I’d earned a Trident tattoo… So, instead, I got a ‘frog bone,’  a tattoo that looks like a frog skeleton… a traditional SEAL and UDT symbol - in this case, honoring our dead comrades.”p.g 113 To represent this big moment I drew the frog skeleton.

The book is about an american war hero, famous for his sniping skills. This book tells his point of view on how he saw things before, during and after the war. Chris always loved fighting so what better way to do it than to fight for something he loved, his country. When Chris joined the Navy SEALs all he knew was that this is where all the action was, in which he loved. So he signed up right away. But it wasn’t what he expected. When it time to start training all he was expecting difficult training to prepare him for war but it was nothing he expected. Especially the water exercises, for a man that grew up in Texas he was riding horses and working on ranches away from the water. So, when it was time to get in the water he struggled. In one of the exercises he damaged his foot on a rock that was in the ocean, before hell week. He powered through it and went on through training no matter how difficult it got, by the time hell week came he was so used to the pain that it didn’t phases him anymore. For those who haven’t read this book hell week is a week that all your commanding officers will put all your training to the test, by literally putting you through hell. They’ll shoot at you and they’ll beat you to see if your ready to face through the challenges that might occur during war.

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This piece I did for my book report and warning there are some spoilers. 

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