Moonbird by Phillip Hoose

April 10, 2018
By Anonymous

Moonbird, by Phillip Hoose, is a fantastic tale of the tagged rufa red knot B95. The book is interesting and filled with surprise and suspense. For this, I have rated it an eight out of ten.

I loved the way it was written. Opposite of many other scientific non fiction books, Moonbird is short yet packed with information and facts. The pure length of the book allows for a nice, quick reading pase so the reader doesn’t get bored fast with facts. By doing this, there is more time to slow down, relax and learn about the journey of B95.

The year long trek of the red knot bird shows its strength and determination. On his migration path, B95 discovers that migrating will be no easy task with humans tearing down habitats and forests. Because of this, hundreds of birds like him die, but B95 won’t give up. He’ll just find a new way, even if it makes him travel the distance to the moon and half way back.

This book is not just about the bird however, it is also about the world’s view of his journey. “Benegas snapped the photo that confirmed B95’s survival and soon gladdened hearts throughout the world.” This was an inspirational worldwide movement. The legacy of B95 tells all to keep strong and stay golden. I would recommend reading it if you too love a great quick read.

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