The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros

April 3, 2018
By Anonymous

In the story, “The House on Mango Street” by Sandra Cisneros, a young girl named Esperanza moves into Mango Street and wants to escape poverty. People should read this book because within all the characters, there will most likely be a character that you are able to relate to and might even change your life.

The main setting that the story takes place is in their little street. The main character, Esperanza, is about twelve years old and is Mexican-American. Esperanza wants a home of her own. In the time she lives in the little house on Mango Street she matures both physically and emotionally. In the story Esperanza writes to escape her true reality as the tears go on and she makes new friends and goes through many other things.

I enjoyed reading this book because many things that she had to go through, even I am going through. In the story, the main character does not want to be who she. She does not want to be associated with people in the tow or be associated at all with anything that has to do with the town. Like many other families, people struggle to pay bills and economically fit in like many other Mexican’s moving into the states or even Americans themselves.

This book has changed my perspective on how I should act towards some people and has given me a little bit of hope for a good future. This book should be read and enjoyed for the generations to come.

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