Review of "Road Trips: an American Tradition"

March 28, 2018
By khummel.usa BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
khummel.usa BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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The writing titled “Road Trips: an American Tradition,” written by Nate, talks about an American road trip.  His writing left me feeling adventurous.  I agree that taking a country wide road trip is “a key-stone of American culture.”  I am an adventurous person. I’ll take advantage of any opportunity to go on an adventure whether or not it is big, small, long, or short; therefore, I can relate to Nate on seeking out a road trip.  Adventure brings people together is what I’ve come to experience.  Nate brings up this point and words it better by saying, “Locking yourselves in a car for 7,500 miles surely brings you close, but the road map memories that we will create by exploring the tranquil forests and the plains and the regal mountains and lifeless deserts and, once again, the serene as a group will help keep us together even when we can no longer spend every day and every mile by one another’s side.”  It does not matter the quality or popularity of the place you’re going,  it’s the memories made and the enriching of relationships throughout that truly stick with a person.  Nate wrote about the importance of adventure and its qualities well, in my opinion.

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