Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

April 2, 2018
By Anonymous

Incarceron- A prison, hidden from the eye of those not in it, where no one goes in or out. In this Fiction thriller, Incarceron, by Catherine Fisher, Finn doesn’t know much of his past but his constant flashbacks and eagle marking on his arm make him believe he is from the Outside. When he was young he joined a blood thirsty gang and obtained an oath brother who goes by the name of Kiero. On an ambush he discovered a maestra who knew of the eagle on his arm. She believed it to be on crystal which he ended up obtaining after he took the maestra as a slave. He believed it could help him escape to the Outside. Gildas ( A man who believed Finn could help him escape the prison) insisted on going on a journey to find their way out of the Prison and so Finn, Keiro, Gildas, and along the way they also accepted a slave into their group named Attia, went on a journey through the prison. Together they traveled to strange places. While traveling one night the crystal spoke to Finn and he soon discovered, a girl name Claudia, was from the outside and had the same key. Claudia believed Finn to be a lost prince named Giles and desperately needed him back to the Outside or else she would have to marry Caspar (Giles brother). Together the 5 try to work together to escape the prison.


I personally think Incarceron was a great book but it was complicated. While you hoped for all of them to escape you discover twists and turns that make you turn against the characters you thought to be good. Catherine’s style was really unique, I have never heard of a prison in a different world. The author really did a good job describing the surroundings and using a constant theme of the eyes. I liked this book because it kept me on the edge. I always wanted to know what happened next. I would recommend this book to those who really enjoy high intensity books.

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